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The Cyclists/ebikers/ Tdf Spoilers Alert

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by DucatiScud, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. Wow, that's amazing
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  2. @CM4ppy Chris, just wanted to say absolutely great job on loosing such a chunk of weight, can’t have been easy, so big Kudos to you for having the determination to dig in and shift it :upyeah:
    Enjoy your E-bike :D !
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  3. Agreed Poucher but can only press 1 icon per post.:)

    I missed the 7 stone bit in initial post.:(

    I’d like to add my big up to @CM4ppy on the ‘new’ you, keep up the hard work:upyeah:
    #2623 DucatiScud, Jun 29, 2022
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  4. Yes you chubby lot take a leaf out of
    @CM4ppy :innocent: book

    keep up the good work @CM4ppy
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  5. 2 hour bimble today nice and dry here. Hoping I get selected for TdF this year…..
    #2625 DucatiScud, Jun 30, 2022
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  6. N+1 :p
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  7. We've not had a downed tree for a while and I know Chris likes a fallen tree, out on a pootle t'other morning and I happened along this....
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  8. Them there narrow boaters ain’t gonna be happy, there must be a hell of a lot of locks to contend with in your neck of the Woods.
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  9. You only need help when you can’t figure out why you bought it.:worried:
  10. when people mis-list stuff on eBay with stupid auction end times then that’s a sign…:upyeah:
  11. Oh yeah there’s a few bargains to be had with mistakes in the advert.
  12. Covid bikes :D
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  13. Aye, it's lumpy round ere :D
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  14. A well made short documentary on the ‘Manx Missile’

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  15. I could 'ave him...:punch:
    The Swindon Sloth...:zzz:
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  16. I'll not watch the Tour this year on principle as no Cav, i guess they don't want the record taken away from the other chap.:thinkingface:
  17. This board has been placed at the end of a recently blocked off to cars road near me, that has since become a bit of a mecca for peddlers...:D

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  18. Thought it was giants playing Lego, permanent closure or for major works? It’ll be like Snake Pass car drivers will be in uproar.:joy:
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