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The Cyclists/ebikers/ Tdf Spoilers Alert

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by DucatiScud, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. It was closed as a trial for 2 years, about a year ago, because the junction where the blocks are has been the scene of some nasty accidents. It's a fairly narrow country lane and has become really nice to cycle or walk down. Even seen a few horses and buggies down there.
    Only a few miles long, but nice to simply go up and down and smell the cow poo....Has it's own strava segment.
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  2. Yesterdays Tour round up

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  3. Here you go Nelson, watch and learn some tic-tacos for your epic win over ‘ManxMissile’. :)

    #2643 DucatiScud, Jul 2, 2022
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  4. Very short highlights clip

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  5. Took the new pearly queen out for a 50 mile pedal up the Shire :cool:
    504E54EE-FAE6-4B55-A659-06F824E3FAC7.jpeg 5FC02A56-02D9-46C8-A115-9CCD8D68A08D.jpeg
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  6. Pro cycling clip
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  7. I saw that sometime ago, there's a similar one where the presenter continually punctuates his sentences with the ring on a bicycle bell.
    Annoying [email protected]:D
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  8. Now that would be annoying.:)
  9. Sagans stage 3 anger explained

  10. Stage Four highlights

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  11. Sorry - not tour related...
    A quick photo from yesterday ride - it's a lovely little link trail :)

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  12. Away on hols, wife and daughter having their nails done at the hottest part of the day so I went to the Air conditioned gym. Probably only the second time ever in a gym and on an exercise bike in 48 years. Boring stuff but it passed a couple of hours

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  13. 56 miles of cycling hell in the Wolds.
    45D1DA13-C293-44A1-A3BC-1BE1CA66D0C7.jpeg EDCE7304-8FD0-44F8-84D4-F31C1669C709.jpeg E6955617-56E7-4F00-B364-1946BAAC9D91.jpeg
    Killing the fishes.
    #2654 Nelson, Jul 8, 2022
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  14. I'm bloody slow mate....I'm built for distance not sprinting....:zzz: 13mph is typical for my rides at around 50 - 100 miles distance.
    #2657 Nelson, Jul 8, 2022
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  15. I hate towns and townies...Defo different feel/energy as you re-entre the hood.
  16. What do you chaps do re insurance?
    Not for your bike, but 3rd party/legal cover etc?
  17. Iirc you are covered by your household insurance for your pusho related prangs, you can gain automatic insurance on becoming a member of British cycling
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