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The Cyclists/ebikers Thread

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by DucatiScud, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. i'm not what I was Gary..

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  2. @Chris, were you practicing big air slopestyle?

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  3. ANOTHER faking puncture!
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  4. Any body thinking of doing the Eroica ride weekend at Goodwood in August.?
    I've never been to one looks quite fun.
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  5. Haven’t got a bike that’s old enough, oldest I have has internal cable routing in the top tube. I would have loved to have had time to do the original in Italy.
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  6. Hope you had a spare, was going to press like/dislike gave up deciding and here we are.:)
  7. Was close enough to home to walk it. Late for work Teams meeting but hey, shit ‘appens.
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  8. My bike is 1973 so I'm ok with that bit, need to get some vintage shorts etc apparently.
  9. Don’t forget your crochet mitts, oh woolen jerseys………:confused:
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  10. A local 22 mile bimble on the mtb..

    Turned into a right “Shitefest” :poop::confused:….


    Just as well it’s a 1 x 11 groupset cos I think it would have killed the front mech, so thick it sucked the chain off the chainring, ..bit of a messy clart on getting it back onto the right thick tooth/thin tooth phasing ,….bugger :rolleyes:
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  11. Looks lovely, usually in cyclo cross races it’s the rear derailleur that gets ripped off.

    We’re at 1X12 these days Poucher do keep up won’t you. :):upyeah:
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  13. Roubaix, oh my gawd.....Is this stuff made by wizards? Like mithril....:astonished:
  14. Third day in a row of 34 miles to clock up my january weekly total of 100 miles. A nice weekend away from tomorrow but wanted to get my miles in.
    Not feeling so great now!! I'll easily do that in March but three weeks in to training...
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  15. Claimed to have been laid from a helicopter, not anything like cobbles I’ve ridden in the U.K. Ridden some of it outside of the organised event, usually the day before the actual race a recommended place to tick off.:)
  16. I mean the fabric...o_O:joy:
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  17. Nice pedal out tonight.
    Flytippers are at it again, probably half a dozen times this byway entrance has been blocked, feel sorry for the farmer.

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  18. A small country lane around here was completely blocked recently where a tipper truck had literally (fly) tipped it's load on to the road.
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  19. I have a very dusty Eddy Merckx lying around somewhere....have to get the WD40 out...... anyone want to give it a new home?
  20. What’s it size and do you have any photographs, if it’s an early Merckx and not a later pile em high ‘gas pipe’ model it will have value.
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