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The Ducati Official Club In Scotland Is Changing In 2022

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by El Toro, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. The Ducati Official Club in Scotland is changing in 2022

    All owners of Ducati motorcycles, the world over, are encouraged by Ducati Motor Holdings SpA (DMH) to become members of their local Ducati Official Club with local branches, which are co-sponsored by DMH and the local official dealers in the relevant geography.

    From January 2022, the Ducati Official Club for Scotland is changing.

    Two brand new branches have been founded as part of Ducati Official Club GB (DOCGB). One is for members based in the west of Scotland, sponsored by Ducati Glasgow and one for members based in the east of Scotland, sponsored by the new dealership Ducati Dundee. The Scottish Ducati Club is no longer an official club.

    The DOCGB has been chosen to support this venture as they already have 33 established branches, working with Dealerships across the UK. The new branches in Glasgow and Dundee will provide a better club experience alongside the official Ducati Dealer Network benefiting from the close working relationship with the other branches. The DOCGB offer local branches, an active forum, 6 magazines a year, tool hire, DVLA machine dating, affiliation to other motorcycling organisations, Factory OFFICIAL DUCATI Owners Club affiliation and numerous events. Making it an ideal base for building 2 new branches in Scotland where passion for the Ducati brand can be shared.

    Ducati Glasgow and Ducati Dundee look forward to sponsoring the establishment of the two new Scottish branches and engaging with a passionate club membership. There will be many official club activities arranged across the length and breadth of Scotland and every new bike customer will be given a free 12 month membership to the new Glasgow DOC or Dundee DOC.

    All current Scottish Ducati Club members will be given the opportunity to transfer their 2022 membership to one of the two new DOCGB branches.

    All Enquiries to:-

    Andrew Duthie
    General Manager
    Ducati Glasgow & Ducati Dundee
    [email protected]
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  2. Any reason given for this?
  3. Power and control maybe
  4. As a current Scottish Ducati Club member my feelings are the dealers and DOCGB can go get stuffed. I cant see too many SDC members being keen to see their club effectively sidelined by an English power grab!! :mad:
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  5. PR disaster for Ducati Glasgow. No consultation with the existing SDC committee or members, it's not up to them to decide who we are affiliated to. I'm sticking with the "unofficial" Scottish Ducati Club like many others.
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  6. The PR disaster was the SDC not Ducati Glasgow !! So no, the SDC have no right to be consulted at all, no second chances as the damage is done, therefore no dealer sponsor , and ultimately no official club.

    Personally, I think its great news and even better we (east coast riders) don`t have to be part of completely Glasgow-centric owners club so its a win-win. I had to rely on local clubs or mates for my ride outs and tours, so its the current SDC that can go and get stuffed ! Power grab ? :D What power would that be exactly ? SDC is miniscule compared to DOCGB and nowhere near as well run or respected.

    And before you spit your dummy out I was in the SDC at the beginning of Ducati Up North in Gizmos (RIP Mikey) days. Personally, I couldn`t give a toss to see the `official` end of it as it is now.

    Now where do I join the DOCGB Dundee branch, at least they know how to properly run a club :upyeah::joy:
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  7. Response from Scottish Ducati Club :

    The recent announcement by the Ducati Manchester Group and Ducati Glasgow regarding their refusal to sponsor the Scottish Ducati Club means that from January 2022 the SDC will no longer be recognised as an official club.

    The SDC committee have been blindsided by this decision as there was no prior discussion with the club. The President was invited to a meeting at DG and handed the announcement as a fait accompli by 2 senior members of staff.

    It is no secret that the club suffered a massive setback between 2018-2021, for various reasons, but the new 2021 committee have been working extremely hard to resolve all the issues so that members can benefit from being part of a club that has Ducati passion, ownership, and national identity at its heart, and it is working. In the last month alone over 140 fully paid up members have joined.

    The new committee have been trying to work with all parties involved to get the SCOTTISH Ducati Club back on track only to find the rug has been pulled completely out from under our feet by the very people we hoped would support our club, not disband it.

    During discussions with the local Ducati dealer it became clear they will not take into consideration how far we have come since the EGM and have no interest in our plans for the future.

    It appears they are unwilling to give the club a chance to get back on track, based on the past actions of one customer (who happened to be an SDC committee member but is now blocked/removed) and the previous committee/presidents’ poor handling of the situation.

    The new committee should not be judged on or have to answer for the actions of the former committee, who have been removed from office.

    This decision has been made without any warning or consultation with the club by Ducati Italy, Ducati UK or Ducati Glasgow.

    Their intention is to replace the SCOTTISH Ducati Club with 2 branches of the DOCGB. The DOCGB is a widely respected club and the SDC and the DOCGB have worked well together, with mutual respect, since 2008, sharing members and events. The DOCGB has been in existence for 48 years and in all those years it has neither set up nor attempted to set up a branch in Scotland as it is an English based club. We do not feel this is an acceptable situation.

    We wish to keep and maintain our friendship with the DOCGB, which has been built up over many years, but retain the rights to be our own SCOTTISH club, not a branch.

    We do not feel that a Ducati dealership has the right to dictate and demand how the club operates especially when they have shown no interest. We are aware of the issues they had in the past, as mentioned above, but both the customer and the official were removed. However, by constantly harking back to these issues, with no attempt being made to gauge how far the SCOTTISH Ducati Club moved on since November, they appear to be using these issues and a reason for their current proposals.

    We have a very strong club with an ever-increasing membership, and we do not agree with the underhand way this has been handled.

    The SDC intends to continue as normal, but without the dealer supporting affiliation. This mean we will be able to continue using our own logo and merchandise, making our own decisions, planning our own calendar but, perhaps most important of all, retaining our national identity and individuality rather than become part of a homogenised society simply for the benefit of others.
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  8. This has the flavour of how the term '1%er' came to be in '60s America.
  9. There's a Scottish Ducati Owners Club? And on the West Coast? Who'd a thunk it. I tend to ride alone so it's not really an issue...
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  10. Hiya, yes there is....the dealership may have pulled their affiliation but the SDC are still going strong...
    look forward to you getting in touch if you want to find out more.

  11. I'm sorry you feel this way Gary. Its a shame that something/events of the (long distant???) past have left you feeling so disgruntled with the SDC that you have used some of the wording you have. I hope you enjoy your time with the new DOCGB branches. :)
  12. Ducati Glasgow, Ducati UK and Ducati Italy...yes all 3 were involved in the removal of affiliation.
  13. One of Ducati's requirements for affiliation is a supporting dealer. If the dealer withdraws support the club can no longer be affiliated. There is only one dealer in Scotland.
  14. Given the political mood of Scotland, this seems to be an ill thought out move. There's at least an evens chance that Scotland won't be in the GB in the not too distant future.
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