Featured The Ducbird Escape From Hospital Before Christmas Thread!!! :-)

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Exige, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. I hope it gets sorted quickly. Hugs.
  2. Hugs a many muchly Viv.. I do hope your feeling a little stronger each day.... xx
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  3. A bump in the road DB, I'm sure that they'll have you sorted and on your way again in no time.
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  4. Hurry up back DB, I like being surrounded by wimmin, not a forum full of girls, I need your protection :heart_eyes:
  5. That stinks but, as you said, maybe it's why you weren't feeling better. Fingers and toes crossed for the best!
    When you are up for it, check out Newbies Hangout, New Boy thread, post 33. Pavey providing a little support...you'll love it:heart:!
  6. Morning DB. Hope you're well. CR
  7. Morning the DB :)
  8. Good morning, the Desmo Belle
  9. Evening Ducbird (it is here ;)) Hope things are going well and that they will have you sorted and back home soon.

    Hugs :heart::sun:
  10. Had my CT scan im waiting for results
    Managed a bit of mashed potato and gravy
    Still very tired but I think that’s the anti biotics and anti sickness
    I have a lovely view of the gardens so I’m watching the birds flying around you wouldn’t think it was winter to those guys :)
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  11. Well done Viv :heart: :upyeah:

    Mashed tatties and gravy. Proper comfort food. :)
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  12. We just had Christmas dinner at work - with having 3 different shifts here in the plant we can have one next Tuesday and Thursday as well o_O
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  13. Got mine booked for next Wednesday. :yum I love my Christmas "Full Monty" :)

    Bought them for the staff too. £3 each adds up, £51 lighter in the wallet I was when I bought the tickets the other day. o_O Ho Ho Ho. :party: :) :party:

  14. Ours were £3.50 :eek: it's because we are nearer London o_O where is would be £48 :dizzy:
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  15. That's it, everybody out! :mad:

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  16. Ahhh bless DB.... Hope its just bruising,,, chin up mate.....xx
  17. Thats not fair!! Us older retired folk no longer get invites!!:sob:
  18. Mashed with gravy hmmm

    Hope you're feeling a little better!
  19. Hope you get sorted,Viv.xx
  20. I have a blood clot in my neck
    Painkillers and blood thinners will have to see how it goes over next few days
    I feel yuck yuck :(
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