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Featured The Great Ducati Forum Bake Off

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by West Cork Paul, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. As it is increasingly looking like we'll all be told to stay at home and only venture out if a key worker or for food or medicine and as it looks like that will last for at least 12 weeks:mask:, I thought I'd start a little home entertainment. Something which is practical and where people can attempt something new:).

    Welcome to the Great Ducati Forum Bake Off.

    Each week, on a Sunday I'll set a new baking challenge, nothing too complicated. Over the next 7 days look up a recipe for that week's challenge and have a go yourselves then post pictures of your attempts below.

    Give it a go, even if you've never done it before, and post your pictures here for all to see and like. Remember you can always eat what you make and there's no need to panic buy baking ingredients:)

    There's no reason why those with kids can't get the kids to have a go and post up their efforts as well:upyeah:

    Week One.

    Chelsea Buns.
    Here's SWMBO's & my attempt. Now off you go:upyeah::).

    IMG_2482.jpg IMG_2484.jpg IMG_2485.jpg

    ps. :thinkingface:I wonder how long it will take for it to go off thread:thinkingface:
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  2. They look good, did you make the pastry?
  3. I'm not allowed in the kitchen.
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  4. Yep, no cheating. Technically it's not pastry, its bread. They are a yeast raised dough.
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  5. Time to change that then Steve; exceptional times, exceptional measures. Go on, I dare you, tell Mrs B you're going to have a go at something new, get her help even. Go for it:upyeah:
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  6. Mmmmmm,did you smear any butter over her breasts?
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  7. Fooook:eek: for a moment there I thought I'd posted the wrong photo:eek:
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  8. Do you do home deliveries WCP? :yum
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  9. Bollox I’ve just made poppy seed lemon drizzle

    Wantz is about to make venison casserole

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  10. today I will mostly be eating this
    1. Grapefruit with fennel, parsnip milk, fried ricotta, and chervil.
    2. Scrambled brown eggs with pickled pig’s feet, truffle butter, and Parmigiano.
    3. Maine lobster with avocado, couscous, tabiko, and yogurt.
    4. Duck presse with artichokes, steel-cut oats, Spanish chorizo, and mahon. followed up by a hand rolled Cuban cigar sealed with the sweat off of a virgins thy.
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  11. Show off. :yum

  12. Pictures or it didn’t happen

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  13. @Char keep that one back Lemon Drizzle is on the cards for a future week :)
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  14. We aren’t supposed to be doing a Paris Brest this week are we?
  15. cant char, that was just for breakfast. it gone now.
    there's just not enough trust in this world..
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  16. Which forum member were you thinking of when constructing this lil fella :thinkingface:

  17. Sorry but I object to the use of the word Chelsea ( Chelski) reminds me of a half baked football team..

    Are Claret and Blue Buns ok? X

    and no that’s not Scunthorpe Burnley or Villa... x
  18. You may be onto something there @NOODS X

    Currents are bluish, so how would you give the dough a red tinge: grated beetroot?
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  19. where the fu*k are you lot getting the ingredients to bake this lot - are you all secret panic buyers..... i'v got 4 coconut loo rolls, and some lemon hand wipes, 1/2 bag of semi hard cement, any recipes?
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  20. It is getting difficult. There are no quail eggs left in the shops and capers are flying off the shelves!
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