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The Greta Girl

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bradders, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. It’s all over the pace right now. Removing the believe it or not messages, am I the only one really worried that, as a girl who seems to be on the very wrong end of the Asperger scale, she’s is being used as a media tool by unscrupulous adults.

    She may be having a whale of a time, I have no idea, but getting as upset as she has on a few videos over seen, I’m not so sure what it’s doing to her mental well-being
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  2. On the news the other day they happened to mention/let slip "....the team behind her..." which about summed it up for me.
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  3. It's child abuse, simple as that - quite pathetic.
    And how adults can not see through this crass ridiculous shit-fest I will never know :rolleyes:
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  4. Not the first time nor will it be the last that an innocent has been manipulated to front an agenda they know little about. I’m more concerned about the madman currently masquerading as the President of Brazil, he truly needs to be put back in the padded cell he escaped from. Andy
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  5. I find people like her worrying. She’s very angry and has found a platform to shout from and is drumming up quite a following of impressionable young minds, but she’s using blame as her corner stone which combined with anger could lead to mislead trouble. :(
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  6. She can pipe up her beliefs for as long as she wants entertaining the media, but the moment there’s talk of a political agenda or raising taxes or whatever, is the time we should sit up, listen and judge.
    For the now all that’s happening is climate awareness, just from a different angle.
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  7. Btw this is nothing to do with the ‘cause’ and everything to do with how we look at mental health and support these days, alongside exploitation

    hope I’m wrong. Hope she’s loving all the attention. Hope she isn’t having her future destroyed when she starts having the negative comments ets come alive in her mind.
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  8. Think it’s already too late. I’ve seen that look of frustration and naked hate when she had the piss taken out of her to her face. My late sister’s response to not getting her own way was to self harm, usually with an overdose. Andy
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  9. Dislike as its not something to like

    very much like a child prodigy: and we know what this does to them when older
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  10. Took no offence :upyeah: My sister was diagnosed in her early 20s with what they now call bi polar disorder but as autism began to be recognised, we came to learn she was very much at the creative genius end of the autism scale. Andy
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  11. I was listening to a psychologist (female) on the radio earlier and she said there’s a difference between male & female brains (yeah yeah we all know that). Male brains need, and work off, facts & figures, female brains need, and work off, emotions. Hence most of the angst towards GT is from men as she’s not putting forward any facts & figures just emotions, hence most females side with her. If she put up facts & figures she’d have less stick from men. All fairly straightforward and to a degree self explanatory. However, she went on to say the worrying thing for her, as a psychologist, was not so much the stick GT gets from men but how she’s going to handle life when this is all over, as it will be, and she’s no longer in the spotlight.
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  13. :laughing:
  14. She’s burning out. Where are her parents, she’s only 16 for feck’s sake.
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  15. Her parents are soulless monsters, that much is apparent.

    And it should surprise no one at all that the poor girl's parents support the fascist terror group, Antifa.
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  16. Isn't Antifa Anti-Fascist?
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  17. At some point she will stop looking like a child and will just be another activist in an adult world full of wannabe activists

    At that point her handlers will seek a new money maker and I expect to see her in time magazine in 30 years and she will have been an ex junkie, been in rehab and behaving like sinead oconnor.

    It worries me that so many are so blind to the puppetry that is going on around her and the exploitation of quite an autistic kid
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  18. Your world is going to change if you pull on this thread : o )

    Question: if a group of you call yourselves "anti-fascist" and then mask-up and use menaces and violence to terrorise ordinary people who do not share your beliefs, how should you be described?

    This is not a hypothetical question nor am I discussing hypothetical scenarios.
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  19. Ah, you mean like the "Liberal Democrats", got ya :upyeah:
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