The Huawei Thread

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  1. Oh. I see.

    What pressure is being applied? Sanctions, maybe?

    And what about the ones who aren't being pressured? Are they just being awkward?
  2. Sometimes on my Huawei I see my phone automatically scowling through the settings, it's quite handy knowing someone is keeping it up to date.
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  3. Ya gotta watch 'em. They are Chinese. They’re a Chinese company. Their headquarters is in China and they follow Chinese laws. China has had spies before and might have some again. Even if Huawei spying for the Chinese isn’t a thing that we know has actually happened - it’s something that feels like that could happen. Bound to happen really.
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  4. Apparently after bugging my laptop, the Chinese have contacted El Tel and said, can't you shut that cvnt up, he's flooding our servers, bastids.
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  5. Anyone suspect this a way of lining up someother company for the 5G contract. Can't imagine anyone submitting a cheaper tender than China. And, no one actually believes that whoever gets the contract, it won't be used for snooping. Oh and 5G will fry your brain. See what 5G is going to be used for. Facial recognition is outdated, tech doesn't need to see your face anymore. Most think it's for faster gaming or super fast Internet. Nope, it's something else. It's all about control, you're all nasty people and need watching.
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  6. My phone just took a screen shot all by itself, cool.
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  7. Oh and I believe Huawei used cheap chips on their phones when they run out of the good ones. They had problems and hurt their reputation, lessoned learned. I'm all pro China, I might go there someday, but I want to be able to leave :bucktooth:
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  8. Do you get fish with your chips or can you have a burger?

    I had no idea that the Hotel California had moved to China!
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  9. it's part of the whole information highway. I remember a time when armed forces were overseas and in compounds. Once in there, an awful lot of boredom sets in when you are not on shift. Often the bases were big enough that you could keep keep by running, cycling etc etc within the compounds.

    The trouble was fitness monitors and recorders such as gopro/strava/ etc were being uploaded to peoples social media and the device's own route and time pages. It was a simple way to check and link what unit was where in the world once you had found social media for people in the armed forces and then see if they were on any of these feedback devices

    As with most of these devices, they are made wholly or mostly, in China and with feedback through Chinese systems
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  10. Blinding US strategy, arresting Huawei owners daughter on the same day as agreeing a reduction in the US vs China trade war. Bet no one saw that coming. Over Iranian sanctions which most of the world don't really support or have rejected. Immediately after being rude to most countries leaders at the G20 summit. He's a real smooth operator that Trump.
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  11. Yes Russia Today; a national news site in many countries reporting truthful news about current events. Nothing of the sort is done in uk/usa_naziland.

    Now if you'd bothered to watch the little video about that vile american guy he stated "...america intends to lead now & always.." which to be clear is fascism & delusional. Some smidgen of facts to study or research. After 2001 september 11th (3 skyscrapers destroyed by two planes) attacks, the americans coaxed/cajolled the uk government too up its spending on 'terrorism' & infractuture by a ten fold increase. So the gchq_peados who watch childrens phone cameras & webcams. Could invest in american technology to upgrade & reinforce the whole catch-22. Do as we say mentality of the yanks whilst making huge profit & treating the uk as a subjugated lapdog.

    Now we have huge loss of good police officers & austerity for the masses. But nothing of the sort will reduce the mi5/gchq/mi6_fascists funding. Because the british elite don't want to be hurt with the fallout of destroying the middle-east. And the secondary plan of destroying the E.U!

    An even better website:
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  12. Let me assume for a moment that the Huawei company has indeed been sending information 'home'. The uk & usa governments demand backdoor access into all new technology made in the west.

    But hey, I suspect the Chinese didn't allow the uk_nazi's & its freemason brethren access. Just like blackberry it has kept the vile corporate criminals outside of its network. So as usual with these demonic occultists they pretend that this is against freedom & doing something nefarious. When in fact they are the evil you should be clearly aware of. ..but hey lets wait for the actual information of this huawei episode to play out. Which will mean even if found innocent that the 'red menace' mentality of this new cold war 2.0 will mean we are using more americunts technology.
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  13. All they would see on my phone would be Facebook Ebay and Youporn
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  14. It was not just the Chinese that did that.....:):upyeah:
  15. I see you, like many, are unclear on what Trump is doing, or at least attempting to do.

    That's OK though, it is part and parcel of the strategy.

    : o D

    Disclaimer: this post should not be viewed as either an endorsement or a condemnation of Trump's Presidency.
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  16. trump.jpg 63d95666f16ce4a0b27ad16bb916c9d0a514c2bdddfbc8207daf91df8fe37d37.jpg
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  17. True dat :/
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  18. In a world where people are investigated by the FBI who *might have" done something wrong, and people are not investigated but who have done definitely done something wrong ... where is the truest irony?

    Anyway, this belongs in the Trump thread, see you there : o )
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