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The Media Watch Thread

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Loz, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. This is a thread for people to flag up funny, interesting, ironic, controversial or downright insane activity in the Media.
    This is not so much about the events being discussed/presented - it is about the media itself.

    I'll go first:

    Sky News "The Papers", where media loveys go on garbage TV to discuss the "headlines" in the garbage press.

    Anne Diamond discusses a moving account of a man who saved the life of his wife during a rockfall by sacrificing himself and who is being honoured by The Queen.

    The act of heroism took place in Yosemite Park, with Ann interrupting her discussion in mid-stream to interject, "... oooh, I've always wanted to go to Yosemite ..." and then straight back to the account of how the husband held his body over his wife, to be crushed to death by boulders.

    Garbage TV is presented by garbage people.

    Your turn!
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  2. Yes, they suffer with the same condition as you do " I love me, who do you love?"
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  3. Cool story bro.

    Where's your clip/piece/example, btw?
  4. Nah, there's an excess of media shit on here mate, just wanted to talk to you. More personal clips yes, BTW i have tried posting my personal clip but it was removed as pornographic with no explanation ! What do you think..... ?

    bum shot 1..JPG
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  5. I think I'll miss you when you flush.
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  6. if I contribute to this thread, all my stuff will be indi or Scottish related. mostly because I aint interested in "news". 99.9% of it is irrelevant. 99.9% of it I cant influence. and I believe 99.9% of what is called News is chosen very carefully. not to inform or educate. but to manipulate. whether it be to manufacture opinion, or sell shit you don't need.
    I have come to despise the MSM. with a passion.
    the upshot with my chosen subjects is that there is no end of material. some of which is huge, but most of it is minutia. but, as the saying goes, many a mickle mak a muckle.
    I would be very surprised if the engaged brexiteer wouldn't understand that. which, I think is probably the main motivation behind this thread. I could be wrong. but I aint wrong when I say it took Brexit for many to wake up to, how the media work. tho of course they are bang on when it suits their needs. and for what it is worth, indi is gonna be far bigger than Brexit when it comes to how it will affect rUK if you cant find a way to get yer own house in order.
    the first thing that popped into my head was the time the New trident system was being tested several years back at the same time the debate was running on whether or not to buy the new system. it misfired, shot off in the wrong direction then and went into some kind death spiral. opinion is pretty much 50/50 up here with nuclear weapons. because of where the systems are based. Pretty much all of a particular political persuasion are anti N/M.
    the following morning, while it was being reported everywhere else on the planet. SBBC where running with the health effects of burnt toast. yip, 3hrs of main headline followed up by an hour of, call Key. not a sausage on trident. tho it may of been buried in a web page somewhere.
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  7. Flicked past Sly News just now, they were covering the gilets jaunes riots but yet again, they are calling France "Hong Kong"?

    Most peculiar!
  8. Not in the MSM per se, but relates to media personalities.



    Andrew Neil, normally one who can be relied upon not to be a fecking cretin, stands up for the utterly delightful Kay Burley on the basis she is an uneducated woman. Andrew, in an uncharacteristic flurry of tone-deafness, seems to miss the fact that people object to Burley not because she is a woman in the media who lacks a college degree ... no, people object to our Kay because she is a biased, unprofessional cunt.

    Be better, Andrew!
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  9. Adam bolton on beth Rigby, his colleague

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  10. Jon craig prays

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  11. Andrew Neil, normally one who can be relied upon not to be a fecking cretin
    i wonder how many clips the forum could handle of Andrew neil being caught out using tory press releases as facts during interviews of tory opponents only to take to twitter to cry when found out?

    just for starters. the list is loooooong.
    lots and lots in here of him braking bbc guidlines
    Andrew Neil says what some want to hear. nothing more.
  12. Some hold Andrew Neil up as the pinnacle of political interviewing. Personnaly I found that he just trawled old quotes (or was provided with them) and threw them at his guests. It's very easy to do with someone who lives their life in public service.

    Anyway, I always enjoy when George Galloway is way too clever for it.

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  13. yip, I do like the way George handles the press. tho he has made a few boobs himself, I do rate him as a well briefed public speaker.
  14. He really is at the very top of the condescension game that man. What an awful sweaty wanker
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  15. "Bunter" was listed in my "Top Six Reasons for Jacking In Sky" when I cancelled my contract with them. No 3, IIRC.
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  16. He'd be right up there in my top 6 too.

    Any chance we can learn who beat him to the 1 and 2 spots?
  17. Actually, I went back and checked my list.

    Officially, No 1 is Kay Burley. Never in any doubt.

    No 2 was Paul Crowther (he milkshaked Farage). He made the No 2 spot purely because it was highly embarrassing at the time for Sky that one of their employees is a violent criminal and I wanted to tweek their nipples hard over it.

    Bunter was No 4 not No 3. Sophy Ridge made the No 3 spot deservedly so.

    Unofficially, Kay Burley made all six top spots but I wanted honourable mentions for the other ass-clowns that Sky employed.

    No 5 was the Trump Baby balloon that featured heavily in Sky's trailers for their coverage of the Orange Man's visit.
    No 6 was Beth Rigby - Our Beff would def'nitely be reachin' the heady heights of the No 2 spot now, bumpin' everyone other than Burley down the battin' order.
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  18. Surely our lovely Beth can't be biased -

    “Parliament can, and should, take back control”
    and “dispose of Mr Johnson should he refuse to sanction a Brexit extension.”

    Pigs will fly then.....

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  19. CNN. Synonymous with "Consummate Professionals".
  20. Interesting? that this morning the BBC have been reporting on the BBC. Mainly about Laura Custardthing the political reporter
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