The Morning After

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  1. Okay so it's the morning after what was an unsatisfactory and disappointing production for many but the fact remains after all the speculation, the new bikes for 2018 have been presented to the public. Who is going to have what ?
    I'll start as I put a deposit down on the Panigale V4 Speciale this morning although I'm not holding out a huge amount of hope as I am 1 of 4 people to do so at Moto Rapido since 27th October. Too soon to quantify allocations to dealers so it's a waiting game for the moment. Andy
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  2. I'm kind of torn. I'm not ready to chop in the Panigale as yet for a V4 version. Mine is plenty enough for me at this stage.

    And I wanted to blown away by the Scrambler 1100 as I saw me chopping in my Classic for one. But my initial thoughts are that the performance differences don't warrant the £6k plus I'd need to add to mine to make the change.

    Maybe I'll change my mind when I see the new range in the flesh at the NEC. Who knows.
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  3. Makes (financial) sense. I had a WTF moment, 64 in January and I've had an itch that needed scratching for a couple of months. If I get one, I'll be at Silverstone in June with the 1098R and the V4 to carry out a back to back comparison. That assumes Carole doesn't need space on the trailer so she can ride of course. Andy
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  4. @Android853sp very shrewd move ordering the Speciale IMO, particularly if you're going to flip it.

    I know of one Speciale order and several V4 orders from just this morning so getting in quickly is certainly the right thing to do whether you plan to keep it or not, good luck and I hope you get one :upyeah:
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  5. I'm going to sit back and put my feet up, wait for the hype to die down and in 12-18 months I'll buy a low mileage used V4 and feel smug that someone else has taken the huge hit on depreciation. :blush::upyeah:
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  6. Good idea as newer, bigger, better and faster models will be launched over the next 12-24 months, fashioned from even more scarce strains of "unobtanium", making them even more attractive to those that like the latest and greatest inventions. :)
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  7. Sadly, none for me, was waiting for the new Multi, but a little disappointed in it so not sure now ??
    @Android853sp , can you not be higher on the list due to you grafting on Thur's for Rapido's ?? Can't you just find and shred the other 3 applicants forms ?? :p
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  8. Customers come first but if any dealer can get a decent allocation, Moto Rapido have been up there with the best. They have just received their 8th 1299 SL. Andy
  9. Mate, just shred em, you know you want to....I won't tell...Promise :upyeah:

    PS, still getting the Gamma as well...I'm in the wrong job clearly :(
  10. Multistrada changed again? They seem to be coming thick and fast and not just styling change, more cc's.
  11. Changed again since last night, or you mean since the DVT ?? You mean the new 1260 model ?
  12. Left wanting after chasing a little bit of that bike's history and a trifle taken aback by the sort of money needed to recommission it for the road so most definitely not worth what was being asked for it. Currently investigation a standard Moto 3 Honda for Carole to take on the odd track day. Andy
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  13. I had one of the 1st twinspark in 2013, since then DVT has came out, and now 1260 dvt. I must have been snoozing!

    Seems all manufacturers are adding cubes.

    Anyway, the V4 Panigale looks tasty;

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  14. Lorenzo and Dovi must be gutted that an ex introduces the big boy bike !! :D
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  15. Being bought for my pleasure and will be put on a paddock stand next to my sarcophagus ready for the after life when I go to my final resting place. Andy
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  16. Haha! Good on you mate, better than some poncey flowers any day! :upyeah:
  17. And the best bit, it'll never get nicked !! :thinkingface:
  18. Just had a phonecall from George, Ducati would like to know which version of the V4 Speciale I would like. With the standard black aluminium alloy wheels or the blinggy gold magnesium alloy wheels, which will be an additional £3.5k sir :eek:. Sod it, let's look like a tart :cool:. Andy
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  19. 3500 pounds for gold wheels ?? Are you insane ?? PS, whos George ??
    George Lorenzo ?? :D
  20. Having seen casey and hearing the v4, I know I've heard that noise before

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