1260 The Muttley Is Dead

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by StillMadForIt, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Long live the GS

    I am ashamed to say that I’ve finally jumped ship and gone to the dark side.

    Tested the new 1260 Mutt and a new BMW R1200 GS TE. I am sorry to say that for me there was no choice. The Beemer is simply the Range Rover of bikes and I can’t fault it. I won’t be leaving the forum though unless you lot eject me lol
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  2. Good choice:upyeah:
    Not quite the tractors of ten years ago, the latest boxer is hard to beat for big miles..
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  3. I’ve just rocked it to and beyond it’s first service and it’s just epic! As an aside one of the reasons I switched from Ducati was the ridiculously low part ex they offered me on my 1100 Muttley. BMW gave twice as much!
  4. ..shows us an image so we can vomit, have you joined ukgser.com yet?
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  5. Make sure you put on your horses blinkers, so you can ignore other bikes that nod at you.
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  6. Does it come with slippers?
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  7. i sent my bmw up the road for an angry Tuono. Its angry.
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  8. I had a a GS for a year, just sold it 2017 plate, never known anything to rust and deteriorate in yr as that GS it was shocking. Lovely Bike, just a steaming pile of poo after using it in the rain once
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  9. You not had a Multi then? :thinkingface:
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  10. Picture is now my Avatar. I haven’t and won’t be joining GS owners club... not sure they would appreciate an oik like me!!!
  11. They won’t work for me so you will have to put up with me pretending to know you when we pass. I’m far to old and have owned too many collections of rust and bolts to become a snob
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  12. Well, I guess there comes a time in life for some men, when beige doesnt look so bad.

    Fuck that. Red superbikes woohoo!
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  13. I don't think you can knock the GS these days. Look at Baron von grumble and Brucie (teapotone) on youtube. Both avid riders and owners of countless bikes over the years. Both own and love the latest GS.
  14. Stillmad, may I ask what you paid for it roughly? I am told a friends mate purchased a triple black fully loaded GS around the 12k mark. Is that right?
  15. ha ha that was my point, I have had several Multis, 2013 / 2015 (Still got) seriously my 2015 DVT after 18k miles is far far better Condition than the GS was after 6 months, and 4k miles, they have a stack of warranty claims on my Dealers desk, all regarding corrosion, that BMW (Not Dealer) put down to environmental faults, and no claims allowed. even as low as 400 miles on new bikes and a few months old. BMW Dealer recommends you ACF 50 it pretty well every time you get it wet, I said "thats fine, but when I bought my new bike off you, did you ACF 50 it before I picked it up"? off course the answer was NO, then I said "don't expect me to then" although they never told me that when I bought it.
    As I said I loved the Bike, but I had to remove a shed load of bolts and polish them, the rear wheel was replaced, the Drive shaft Casing has bubbled and to be replaced by new buyer under warranty, ahh the list was endless, the Brake hose are so rusty on the ends, and slightly pitted, that they would fail an mot.
    The other thing I hated it gets dirty real quick, I mean real dirty and everywhere as it is so open.

    So My advice, don't use it in the winter? and if you get it wet dry it straight away with Hair Dryer, and ACF 50 it, then wait for dry weather again.
  16. Screw the BMW. It's too big it's too ugly. Mutley has my vote.
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  17. Hi
    I got a te model with nav, tele-services comfort seats and sos system for £15k.
    They ain’t cheap but the quality is simply fantastic
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  18. I was following one on my daily commute recently, a 15 plate red and white one. I was on the S1000R, he left me standing in second and third, i was using the quickshifter on the rev limiter too. In third we got up to silly speeds so i backed off but it totally shocked me how it shifted.

    Aren't they 'only' around 110 hp too?
  19. Super Tenere is the tonka traillie, handling is incredible really for a bike its size. Enough pep and very rugged. Pretty much inbrakable.

    ecu flash and full system, this bike is rockin.

    only thing id move it on for is a ducati multi GT maybe....
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  20. My dad has the adventure black and it really moves. Not too bad in the corners too.