The "oceans 2" Motorcyclce Heist In Perth

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by everclear, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Even though it pisses you off, you have to admire genius at work ...

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  2. Nothing to admire about thriving scum
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  3. Err ... I thought my dripping sarcasm at their hopelessness was pretty clear.

    Perhaps we need an "I'm being sarcastic" emoji.:thinkingface:
  4. The only thing to admire was how strong the lady was...

    Apart from that stereotypical thick scum..
  5. Absolute cvnts!! :mad:
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  6. Pricks like this always have someone who would take great satisfaction from potting them. Not even smart enough to spot a security camera...
  7. Let alone all their fingerprints left on the Sack Barrow.
  8. He came back and wiped the handles.... forgot about the rest of it....
  9. Why didn't he just take it with him? :thinkingface:
  10. Stolen van, stolen couch, stolen trolley, none of it is of any consequence, including the now stolen bike that they will get some small amount of drug money for. Hopefully before they get busted, which they will...
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