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The Thruxton Thread

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by 749er, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. 17850CCD-2869-4341-9450-F584CDC7B527.jpeg I bought mine in 2013 and pretty quickly started to de chrome it and enhance its performance, mostly by using triumphtwinpower. I think he is Pieman on the triumph boards.

    Mods are
    TTP map(fuel and timing)
    O2 delete
    SAI delete
    TTP Breathe
    Air box gutted
    DNA Filter
    BC Predators
    Barnett clutch springs

    After market bar end mirrors
    Tail tidy
    Engine cases painted black
    Black levers
    Tan seat cover
    All indicators changed to LED in Black casings

    Hagon Nitro shocks
    Intiminators to the front dampers

    it’s lost a lot of weight and gained quite a bit of power and loads more torque. It now accelerates like a bike should between 90-100mph(track use) whereas before it was pretty dire.

    quite happy with the engine and suspension side of things. If I keep it I would do wheels and front brakes but I am actually thinking of selling it
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  2. pics ?
  3. My Beastie.

    My wife bought me this in 2011 so its a keeper; it came totally standard but has since been reinvented a few times.

    Tried lots of mods & undone quite a few over the years.

    Don't ride her much, less than 300 miles a year but always makes me smile; nothing quite like the sound of these air cooled twins.

    Mods, blimmey...

    17" wheels to fit modern rubber
    Hagon progressive springs & heavier oil
    Front mudguard & brace
    Honda front caliper
    Lowered headlight with new ears & rectifier move
    Carbi Thrux top clamp, gauge bracket & clipons
    Gear indicator
    Silver swingarm
    Rear light etc & undertail
    Hagon Shocks
    TTP Breathe & baffle removal
    TTP tune
    Air filter
    AIS delete
    O2 delete
    Monza fuel cap
    Ignition relocate
    Steering damper
    Shorty Preds
    Preload adjusters
    Bullet indicators
    Sump guard
    + 2 Rear sprocket
    10 different mirrors o_O

    Probably more; don't tell the wife..o_O

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  4. Very nice, why are you thinking of parting with it?
  5. too many bikes. Need to cut back. So I think that and the K1300S will go.

    both great bikes but are sitting unused. Doing fewer and fewer road miles
  6. Great vista & the bike ain't bad as well.:upyeah:
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  7. nice.

    I see we did a lot of the same things. TTP have the engine mods sown up. No need to do anything other than what he offers.

    where did you get your front guard and what front wheel did you fit?

    Still using the stock rear wheel?

    they are a great ride. Really good fun. Great noise and the 5 speed box is perfect for road riding
  8. The front mudguard is from ebay; its actually polished stainless steel. I did have a polished alloy on there when the 18” wheel was fitted but I messed it up trying to chop it down.

    Both rims are new 17” items from Central Wheels. The rear is 5.5” with a 170 tyre & the front is a 3.5” with a 120 tyre.

    The front in the photo in this thread is actually the 18”. The 17” came later.
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  10. Nothing escapes the all-seeing Exige!
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  11. I wonder how @XH558 is getting on with all the adverts these days :joy:
  12. This is my Thruxton 'wannabe' T100 carb. It's had all the TTP 'breathe' mods which really makes a difference.
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  13. 6B9875E3-FF09-41E4-A2AD-FA8AFD20901B.jpeg

    Arrow 2-1
    R&G tail tidy and LED indicators
    Later I fitted conti sport attack tyres and nicer black bar end mirrors.

    my mate has the bike now
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  14. Why does he suffer some kind of fear?
  15. What adverts.:cool::upyeah:
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  16. Don't think so :eyes:
    Has this sold yet o_O
  17. Yes come @Exige explain yourself.
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  19. I just did :yum
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