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Featured There’s A Monkey Coming

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Dirty Leeds, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. a yellow monkey mines the first picture the other pictures are hopefully what I’ll be riding like :joy:







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  2. Acropovic do one two ...lots of options on everything with these now
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  3. There was a web site i found in Japan ages ago when i was going to get one, can't remember what it was called but like you say you can get so much for them now:upyeah::upyeah:.
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  4. My mate has one....he`s 6ft 2, so therefore looks like a Daddylonglegs on it but he does like it...
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  5. My "hair stylist" ( i say shit like that cos I own a scambler) has an old school monkey bike and I love it. Its black n white for a start but other than that its just cool as fuck. Yes you must be under a certain hight to ride one but then motorcycles in general are made for lil guys, big guys should drive trucks or forklifts or be bed bound ....
    The moto gp could learn alot from monkey bikes...
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  6. Excellent fun. :upyeah:
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  7. Lots of 6 ft plus people ride these chiz

    adventure bike forum have a 40 plus page chat about these and they love em ...can be got reasons price now and the mods are endless but i reckon suspension and gearing will do me
  8. Endless stuff on YouTube about them they just seem fun and can do some serious off road trails etc just looks like gearing change and suspension
  9. Chiz is no where near 6'.... closer to 4'
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  10. This is imply not true... simply... simply not true....
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  11. the ace do a monkey bike day . I went to one a few years back and thought it and some of the bikes great. Was truly shocked but what some were for sale for and had spent on em. Im talking like 15k!!!!! But then I have tbe worlds most overly funded 748bp so I can see how one might get a lil carried away.
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  12. I've posted pictures of my mini bike on here a few times I have owned it 40 years Its an original Lady Dax.
    I refurbed it and fitted a 150 daytona engine
    Its standard other than the engine. It keeps up easily with todays traffic and is a hoot to ride especially as the front brake is none existent. Luckily the rear brake works a treat. There is a big following for mini bikes in Belgium and Holland. There is an online shop based in Belgium as well as Shire bikes and Oo racing in the UK and Webbike in Japan
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  13. Passed my bike test on a Honda monkey bike in 1966
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  14. My little one, its called "the terrifier" as it does 92mph flat out
    Kawasaki ksr110, with kitaco 143 se kit stroker
    Bembo caliper, 220mm disc

    #17 evoboy, Sep 21, 2020
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2020
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  15. Monkey has arrived



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  16. Cheers So easy to ride Wayne ... throwing it down here and just took a job on for later anyway now so hopefully get on it weekend
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