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Thermistor Replacement...

Discussion in 'Monster' started by BBM1000, May 21, 2020.

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  1. Hi. The oil temperature thermistor on my two-valve has been damaged. I see a genuine Ducati replacement is ~£50. This looks like a pretty standard ‘industry’ component, does anyone know if there is a suitable replacement? Regards.
  2. Send me a picture.
    99% of thermistors have a resistance measuredat 25°C, a curve code and then either PTC or NTC... we need all this information....
  3. if you've got some diagnostic tables then I could work out the curve.... max price for most are about £5... stainless and Nitrile cable etc... down to pennies
  4. I just ordered one funnily enough, make sure you check it out first though:


    latest part number reference is 55210452A
    with a bit of detective work, you will (hopefully) see that above item matches listing below, I've done it all before but can't find notes just now.


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  5. My offer of help still stands..... well done Chris.
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  6. Thanks for your response, I'll give the eBay special a try first. regards.
  7. Thanks for the pointer - I'll give it a go. Regards.
  8. 3DEF5938-A07F-4C45-95E2-4A117C365312.jpeg

    Just under £5 free postage
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  9. Chris.... those measurements don't sound right at all....
    What are the measurements in boiling water.... mind yer hands....
  10. I was anticipating a similar reply from you Paul, whatever I posted, so I even have an answer: - buy your own and publish your findings. :upyeah:
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  11. Sorry Chris :blush:.... it's the engineer in me that can't help pointing out errors. :kissing_heart:
    There are no thermistors with that characteristics in any of my electronics books.
    That curve doesn't exist.
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  12. if I could I would quote a "love you" :) let's not turn this into a Brexit or a Covid thread, go away, do your research and come back* - I am more than happy to eat humble pie/apologise if wrong.

    *I won't reply to any of your further posts on this until you do. :upyeah:
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  13. Engineers are like vegans :D
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  14. I forgot to order one.

    Just done it now.
    As soon as it arrives I'll test it, put out a video and let everyone know the correct values.

    Thanks for the reminder @Chris
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