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Thinking About Buying....

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Lockesboy, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. a nice 2003 750SS ie in yellow, 18000 miles and in what appears to be excellent order...if purchased then it would be my first Ducati...the only things I noticed was the rear brake pads seem low and the chain seemed a bit slack, that's about it really, started up fine, sounds good, Bike shop wants 3 grand for it, 3 months warranty and it'll go through their workshop for a check over, belts were done about 3 years ago but the bike has only done maybe 100 miles or so in that time, it's actually been in someone's house for 3 years so I'm told...

    What do you guys think...I'm interested in your thoughts...



  2. Hi,
    Looks in nice condition but for a 750 SSie at the price it should be - including fresh tyres, pads and chain, and a service including belts, oil, filter and brake fluid and ideally valve clearances.
    I would test ride it for a good half hour + before buying too. Check you like the riding position (some find SSie quite hard on the wrists due to riding position and firm forks) and that there is enough power for you longer term, as there are good 900’s are available around that price.
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  3. Welcome
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  4. As Jon said ^^

    Welcome to the forum
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  5. Hello:upyeah:. She looks very tidy, for 3 grand make sure it comes fully serviced belts etc and as @Jon Wright above said do a road test, i have a 900ss ie and when i first got it about 6 years ago the riding position is heavy on the wrists but can be sorted if needed, at the end of the day it's down to you and you only to decide ;):).
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  6. Welcome, from a dealer insist the belts are replaced or walk away, power wise it depends what you are used to, when i changrf my 900 monster {carby) formy ST4 I noticed the step up in power and on my first service I got a 900 SSie. It was fun but I noticed the difference in power and cramped riding position (I'm 6'2") but it was more comfortable than the old carby 900 SS
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  7. Hi guys, thanks for the replies, I've discussed the belts with the dealer, his opinion is ...as the belts were done 3 years ago and the bike hasn't been used, no need to change,..I can see his logic as you know when you buy a new bike, it wasn't built last week, it could of been made a year or two ago, anyway dealer reckons the belts are good and I'm sure if I asked for the belts to be changed the answer would be no...I've watched a YouTube video on changing those, it seems simple enough to do, actually I was impressed on how easy this bike is to service, oil change, plugs etc. Its a nice bike, I think perhaps the owner before me that had it in his house probably thought prices on these might rise, I dont think they are, but over the next 10 years or so I think they might firm up a bit but not by an extreme about, it's a very tidy bike, the frame is as new, I couldn't see any corrosion anywhere, I think the limit on the 'going through the workshop ' probably means it gets an oil change and a set of rear pads, talking about brakes, I noticed that all the discs had absolutely no lip on them, they were as new, perfectly smooth as I ran my finger across them ...so to sum up its 3 grand, MOT till December, probably get an oil change and a set of rear pads, I think that's the limit on it...
  8. With belts it is just as much time dependant as mileage. The dealer should just change them without question. I'd walk.
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  9. The belts need to be done every 2 years or 12K miles, i know some people leave the belts longer but the rule is generally as i said(piece of mind), and yes doing the belts yourself is a reasonably easy job(quite satisfying) and valve clearances are an easy enough job(i get a dealer to do mine, i can't be bothered:laughing:) and i would try and get as much off the dealer as you can, good luck with your choice and joining this forum is one of the best tools you can have:upyeah:.
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  10. Haggle a set of belts with the bike for you to do yourself, I've left mine for a considerable amount of time but wouldn't take the risk if buying a bike I don't know the history of. The belts will most likely get you home and last the 30 day warranty but you will need peace of mind at some point :upyeah:
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  11. He originally wanted £3,300, he dropped pretty quick to £3000...I might try an squeeze him down a bit...or he does the belts....good forum here, glad I joined, thanks for responding, really appreciate it.
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  12. Any idea what the belts cost from the main dealers..I figured around £100.00 for both belts, that's me fitting them ..
  13. I think you're in the ballpark at £100 (too expensive IMHO), but for future contact @Exige for his belts at a better price :upyeah:
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  14. @Exige
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  15. Welcome,good luck with purchase
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  16. Thanks guys, I will get some prices and compare.
    I'll let you all know how it goes
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  17. I guess a big factor is bike's location to you Ian and totally understand that. As you say, get some comparisons as (I could be wrong) I don't think that bike is going anywhere in a hurry at that price. This might confuse things rather than help as a comparison but here's a private sale/second owner (9 years ownership) 900 with bikini fairings, 8K miles in Birmingham, around same price. If a warranty is a must for you then again, no comparison.

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  18. Thanks, it is nice, I kind of prefer the full fairing model, and the one I'm interested in isn't far away from me, I've been thinking if the shop will change the oil and filter, new rear brake pads, and check it all over, I'll try and knock him down another 100 quid and that will cover the purchase of new belts. I'm pretty sure I can fit them myself..so I might get it for £2900.. plus I get 3 months warranty.
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