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V4 Thinking Of Cancelling My V4s

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by JoePeps, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. I'm having some thoughts about sacking off my V4S, sadly.
    I've 'bought' a Jan '18 on 2000 miles, deposit left on 8th December. I'm still yet to have it delivered due to recalls and problems!

    The latest one is header pipes have been replaced but it's now throwing up error codes. They have replaced the lambda's and some other sensors but still there so they've had to send the diagnostics to Italy so they can tell them what's wrong. Not sure if it's linked to the headers or not.

    I'm booked onto a 4 day Spanish trackday at the start of March and I'm not sure I'm willing to take the risk of having problems over there and it completely ruining the trip for me. I've been arguing with BMW / the Ombudsman for the last 14 months due to problems with my car and I genuinely haven't got it in me to have the whole thing again.

    So, am I over reacting or would anyone else agree?
    (Impartial opinions only please, let's not turn this into a V4S v's other preferred bikes please).
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  2. If you have a bad feeling walk away, its not like there are not plenty of other options out there. Not slagging the v4 in any way as i am sure its a great bike.
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  3. Bin it and move on, find another V4, or plenty of other Panis out there that can make your trip fun.
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  4. What dibble said. There are others
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  5. You've lost confidence in it before it's even arrived . Cancel it .
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  6. Yep I'd cancel, simply not worth the hassle imo
  7. Is the correct answer
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  8. Lifes too short to spend lots of time & money on things that don't make you happy. Sometimes we all have to, but if you don't...
  9. If it was me I would have my money back and wait till Ducati get them sorted properly there's plenty of V2 Panigalles around
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  10. Cancel it and find another
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  11. Simple, you purchased something nearly 2 months ago that cannot be delivered to you because the local Ducati dealer are unable to repair? FFS is that the Space Shuttle or a motorcycle? You might take delivery and fingers crossed all sorted, but the thought of something going wrong will all the time be there, not good when trying to enjoy the thing 2000miles away from home.
    I would walk away and possibly get another V4s if this is what rings you bell :) there are plenty for sale. (I might be wrong but the 1299 was losing a lot less of its value in the first year, wondering if it has anything to due with the long list of recalls?)
  12. I'm with the majority here. Walk away.
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  13. Yip, cancel it me buy another V4. You a;ready sound pissed off and that’ll have taken the shine off the purchase already.
  14. Lots of valid opinions, surprised how one sided it is though!

    I really want the bike, but swapping to another V4S doesn't make much sense to me as I'm still going to have reservations even if one has a different number plate on the back. So it's either this one or not bother at all for a while to be honest.

    The 1299's are very solid in residuals that's for sure, they are still strong money for an S model.

    Fuck knows to be honest.
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  15. No brainer . Go find a smile with another bike
  16. I’ve got a very nice 1299S for sale
  17. How much and where are you based mate?!
  18. Sack it off and buy a gsxr or bmw. Both great bikes and they work.
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  19. You have your answer. I cancelled a Speciale a few months back and bought a 1098R. Why not try something like that which has plenty of power and all the bugs long since ironed out, plus zero depreciation?
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