Thinking Of Selling My 1100sp. Advice Please!

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  1. Hi Folks. A rather large spanner has been chucked into my life at the mo. I might possibly be selling my 1100SP as a result.

    My dilemma is: do I sell with 3k's worth of brand new wheels and 4K+ worth of accessories, or do I take off most of the goodies? Bike has 10,000 miles with all history. It has been dyno tuned and setup by Chris @ CJ's. It makes 96hp at the wheel and weighs a scant 166kg with a full tank of fuel!!! As a result it goes like the proverbial and handles like a dream.

    BST carbon fibre wheels (30 miles old)
    Custom full Akrapovic/SC Project exhaust
    Wasp Puk full intake kit - sounds amazing!
    SC Project oil cooler and custom oil jones
    DP seats (choice of Sport or Comfort)
    DP rearsets
    DP carbon tail and tail tidy
    Aluminium rear subframe
    CRG carbon fibre levers
    DP carbon clutch cover
    DP clutch
    Renthal chain and alloy sprocket/hub conversion.
    Loads more DP carbon: swing arm cover, chain cover, sprocket covers, engine case covers etc. Etc.
    DP tank carbon cover
    DP steering damper
    Carbon front beak internal part.
    New Michelin tyres
    NCR titanium rear wheel hub nuts - a work of art!
    Titanium front axle
    Probably mores parts that I've forgotten...

    Any advice greatly appreciated.
    Cheers, Matt


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  2. Take everything off and put back to standard. You'll maximise your return that way. :) :upyeah:
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  3. With alloy subframe:

  4. In relative terms, you'll get nothing for £7k's worth of extras leaving them on the bike
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  5. Thanks guys. I kinda figured it would be the case that I'd have to pull most of the goodies off. Right, the search begins for a stock muffler setup...
  6. Never sell your standard parts. Schoolboy error. :)
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  7. Keep all the trick bits and sell the bike as stock if that gets you through - then when you are on your feet you can get another and put all the bits back on :):upyeah:
  8. The bike didn't come with the stock mufflers when I bought it, so the hunt is on. Plenty on eBay and pretty cheap ;)
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  9. Problem is if you put std muffs back mapping wil be all wrong. Sell all the cosmetic stuff & leave cans.
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  10. That's a point. Leaving the cans on only make it just bespoke enough to stand out in the class fields but not take a shit financially through what you've spent.
  11. I can send just the ecu back to Chris and he can flash it back to stock, technically not that much of an issue. Though, i'd much rather buy a Hyper with an performance exhaust already fitted, so maybe it's a good sales pitch as suggested ;)
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  12. I would certainly leave the exhaust system on. There are a lot of 1100's for sale maybe leaving the exhaust and some of the "bling" on it will make it stand out.
    I was in the same boat couple of months ago, luckily I found someone that was already looking for a track ready bike and agreed to pay 50% of the new price for all the parts I fitted.
    Do not forget depreciation, once fitted to the bike parts are losing 50% (very rough figure)of the value.
    Obviously BST wheels are a different story....
  13. Pm’d you Matt
  14. Buy another ecu and sell yours modded. Spares....i call first dibs on that alloy subframe!!

    Thats a big spanner! - it'd take a serious problem for me to part with my hyper...
  15. Hi I’ve got a full Hyper 1100S exhaust and carbon side covers for the back end. If your interested......

    Took it off my 2008 and fitted SC Projects full system.
    I’ve now sold the bike but still have exhaust and relevant parts etc....
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  16. Cool, I'll be in touch ;)
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  17. Sorry to hear:-( Sadly you are best off selling the upgrades. Cards on the table that’s slightly biased as I’ve got my eye on the battery and wheels, tires, hub, chain, sprocket and axle...
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