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Those Awkward Questions - Tommy Robinson

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by damodici, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Use social media or watch news channels on the tv and I'm sure even those previously unaware or remotely informed of this chaps background would have heard his name of late. I suppose kind of like me to a degree as I'd heard his name but not delved in to the 'who is Tommy Robinson' and why he does what he does in recent times.

    It also seems if you mention his name or question the rights or wrongs of his imprisonment that brings you dangerously close to being officially branded a racist or nazi sympathiser, rather an awkward situation I'm sure for many whilst stifling the debate unfortunately

    That's not what this thread is about, but having tried researching and reading to help draw my own conclusions there seems to be a substantial difference in the manner of the reporting and even mentioning certain facts surrounding what he was doing the day of his arrest, not what he was arrested for.

    Let's play the ball not the man and keep this clean and polite.

    Instead of worrying about his background, I'd rather question what his point was, and more importantly why he did what he did.

    From what I understand, and I may be mistaken, he was trying to bring the issues of 'grooming gangs' to the forefront of national debate? Yes, no?

    Now if that's the case here's where things differ in recent reports. Many national news papers make no mention of Asian or Muslim based grooming gangs being part of what he was trying to achieve by filming that day.
    Some do I admit, but many tend to report more on the legal reasons why he was arrested more so on the 'what was his intention that day'. That raises questions as to why they wouldn't as it's surely relevant

    Do we have a problem with these 'grooming gangs' in the UK?

    And if so why does it take a man with a clearly toxic reputation to feel he needs to take it upon himself to try and conjure debate on the subject? I'm sure he's not doing it out of boredom, so all im asking is does he have a point or not?


    Whilst you're sitting there wondering whether it's safe to respond to that I've got another one :)

    What prompted me to start this thread was an article written in the Guardian yesterday about forced marriages.

    This link : https://www.theguardian.com/comment...uncils-girls-forced-marriage-child-protection

    Now in this piece I don't agree with Miss Tickles views that it's the councils fault, well not entirely, as I believe they're hand tied by the very real threat of being branded racist or xenophobic by news papers exactly like the Guardian, and bizarrely it would seem that the readership and comments section don't agree with her either.

    It's extremely rare that the Guardian opens a comments section on this type of article. I've searched their site on grooming gangs and other related topics and sure enough no comments sections were allowed, again previously stifling debate.

    Yet all of a sudden Mr Robinson gets arrested with plenty of media coverage, then the Guardian publish this with an open comments section. Coincidence? I'm not so sure it is

    In case they delete the comments section I've taken a few screen grabs from the oldest page and the newest page. You'll see how heavily moderated it is but should give you a flavour

    Do we need more courage in this country? I'm not saying Mr Robinson is courageous at all, but does everyone, councils included need to feel empowered enough and supported enough to actually do something?

    When does the threat of racism or xenophobia cease to apply when trying to deal with such issues?

    I'll leave it with you

    F946D5C8-C55F-42C9-9663-C04B61696BAA.png 5E1486D6-BC9E-48C6-95C2-9505FE8BBBCF.png 16120471-1C71-4E99-9928-4CAF8E159EFC.png 1926B019-736F-4F2A-9E55-E0523650FBDB.png 35E05DB6-E637-48CD-A4D9-72A6A94124D3.png DD6EDB72-B622-44D2-A1BB-552547FB07BC.png B32A6CB2-057F-4532-AFF1-B34F00F83025.png C04CD166-4CC9-4CE2-9538-A71A043E7278.png 428F77FF-4695-4FF7-9F7B-858A98EA6297.png 10F7336A-B8B9-4ADA-9FC5-078DB8481019.png
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  2. I have a close friend on Facebook who supports TR and his campaign to educate the masses on the Muslim takeover of parts of our country and some of their antics. I’ve been getting regular clips and articles over the last year or so and although I’m not keen on TR, he has very valid points and it’s very worrying the way this country is going even if you dismiss a lot of what he says as propoganda. I didn’t like the way he was arrested jailed and news blackout. He has basically been shut down because the powers at be are scared of him telling it like it is. There is some bad shit happening which the authorities are turning a blind eye to in the name of equality.
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  3. What I cannot understand is that there are SJWs rooting out the malpractices of "The Patriarchy", there is "Me Too", there are calls to end the gender pay gap, laws governing prejudice based LGBTXYZ, there are laws addressing problems arising from all kinds of "implicit bias" ... but where is the public acknowledgement of overwhelming evidence that certain sections of the community consider women and girls to be mere resources to be exploited and that there is strong evidence that this attitude is cultural in nature?

    Imagine that Hollywood celebs were imprisoned for suggesting that there is a culture of abuse practiced by the Weinstein's of this world?
    Imagine that people were censured or imprisoned for publishing evidence that a gender pay gap exists?
    Imagine that women were fired from their jobs, hounded by the legal profession, ruined socially and economically because they had publicly referred to something they call "white male privilege"?
    Imagine that individuals of "non-traditional gender" were prosecuted for publicly protesting against perceived prejudice?

    I don't understand why people are not demonstrating daily about this incredible double standard that is blighting our lives ... oh, except, I do understand it. If you are lucky enough to be not directly affected - because you don't live in a place like, oh say Rotherham, it is unlikely that you are going to pop your head above the parapet and lose your career and everything you worked for as a result.

    I am sickened and ashamed of my "society", its paucity of courage and its utter absence of integrity. If the crimes being committed are receiving a different kind of legal attention due to the ethnicity of the perpetrators, how the fuck is that better for society than evading accusations of racism?
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  4. And this is exactly what I'm trying to establish.

    What's happening and what's being done

    If indeed there are certain things happening, which are proven to be statistically and factually directly connected to minority religious beliefs, then why isn't anyone prepared to tackle it?

    The Guardian has taken a crap stab at it by almost blaming the councils on one issue, but what about the others?

    Again this isn't a Tommy Robinson support thread, I don't know the man.

    But given what can easily be found online and reported by a range of media outlets (left / right / centre), I'm struggling to understand why even those of a liberal view aren't far more active with their soapbox and actively shining a light on such issues. In my view it's almost complicit by hiding from it all.

    These things are either a problem or they're not. There are either regular occurrences of grooming gangs being uncovered or there are not.

    I don't really see a grey area on it

    Forced marriage
    Grooming and mass rape gangs

    These are things that are so disgusting surely a zero tolerance should be taken?

    I'm curious that's all, do these problems exist in regularity? Do authorities know?

    Why does the country need a Tommy Robinson?
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  5. as an average joe its hard to climb on the bandwagon when the express and mail ect made the road.
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  6. Any culture of abuse and unfair bias in a modern society should be addressed by that society. Whether that abuse and bias takes place on the casting couch, in the board room or on the streets of our towns.

    To address some cultural wrongs but turn your back on others is wrong and ultimately, untenable. Things will eventually come to a head and they won't end well.
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  7. What is this "express and mail ect" of which you speak? Are you suggesting that that is the problem, and not systemic abuse of vulnerable members of the community?
  8. i'm suggesting the discussion has been blighted/hijacked by the irresponsible reporting of minority groups in the uk.
    the average joe like me doesn't want to be associated with these organizations. it doesn't mean we, or i anyhoo, wont deal with, or call out these situations in a more discrete fashion.
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  9. That's the problem isn't it Fin. When you live in an echo chamber and refuse to countenance or approach with an open mind any media source that doesn't reflect your political views, you become propaganda fodder and the easiest person in the world to lie to and to manipulate.

    They say all it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing. Sticking your fingers in your ears and going tra-la-la-la when the "wrong" person is trying to tell you something you don't want to hear will do it too.
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  10. absolutely. cant argue with that. why would i?
  11. Tommy Robinson was a founder member of the English Defence League,which he formed partly in response to an incident of public disrespect directed at a homecoming parade for British service personnel in Luton,and also his horror at the way certain sections of society were treating young white girls.(He owned a tanning salon next door to a kebab shop and witnessed such behaviour first hand).
    Unfortunately the EDL by it's very name attracted some of the more troublesome mebers of society,(the kind that now inflict violence under an Antifa banner),which caused TR to resign and publicly distance himself from the EDL.
    Despite his resignation etc,the media and establishment continue to use his former membership as a reason to vilify and harass him unlike any other citizen.
    He is a working class bloke that has taken up the cudgels on behalf of,(predominantly working class), rape and sexual harassment victims that have been ignored by the police and the authorities,which has caused a good deal of consternation among the officials who have turned a blind eye to the mass grooming and assault which is not uncommon in British towns and cities.
    The perpetrators are,by an overwhelming majority,muslim men from Pakistan,but there are also a number of policemen and local dignitaries that are either under investigation or have been convicted.
    The circumstances and reason for his arrest and conviction in this instance are definitely not obvious,the judges claim that his presence/actions might prejudice the outcome of a trial are patently false because:
    TR asked the police if it was ok to film while standing on the pavement.
    Journalists and pundits routinely stand outside courts naming and listing the charges of individuals who are on trial-take a look at TV footage of Jim Davidson.Max Clifford,Cliff Richard,yet this is the very reason the judge used to claim Robinson had breached the conditions of an earlier conviction.
    The Judge himself was the witness to the alleged offence,TR was denied access to his own lawyer,and the hearing was over in minutes,(there are reports that a prison cell had been reserved for him before he was arrested.
    The whole thing stinks of establishment and judicial spite-they know,as many others do,that the bogus authority they have exercised over us is under threat,brought about by their own disgraceful attitude towards the working class majority in this country.
    That same elitist disdain is why they are trying to deny the democratic Referendum result,why sexual assault and gang-rape of young girls has been brushed under the carpet,and why the media bombard us with never ending programmes about public sector superiority and importance...if you ain't the filth,a nurse,a big businessman or an elite politician/sportsman,you are unmentionable.
    The world is changing,and those at the top don't like it....social media means we now see what used to be kept hidden,(hence the EU and Theresa the Appeasers belated attempts to put the internet genie back in the bottle).
    There will always be a section of society that will blindly swallow what the authorities tell them they should be thinking,but Jean Monnets predicted takeover has not yet come true,too many of us free thinkers and suspicious minds lol.
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  12. Robinson broke the law. He prejudiced another investigation as a result. He went too prison because he broke the law.

    End of story.
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  13. Well, you've been discrete, I give you that!
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  14. There's hope for you yet Fin.
    Just a glimmer, but we must start somewhere. :)
    Keep taking the Loz pills.
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  15. Whilst unfortunate that may be the case, I sometimes wonder whether the word 'hijacked' should be replaced with the word 'highlighted'

    Not liking the messenger is one thing, shunning away from the message is entirely another.

    Not you finm, but society in general
  16. What message would this be? That Britain is only for white British people? That's Robinson's message.
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  17. And yet you've answered a question that wasn't asked and dusted over the real question, just as it seems many people are, how very courageous.
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  18. Try reading the initial post, make mental notes that this is not a Tommy Robinson appreciation society meeting and try leaving the bias against the man at the door

    Play the ball not the man
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