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Thrilling Thrusting Newbie

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by BobDavo, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. Will be very brief.

    Don't like Ducatis, my 1198S has been nothing but a PIA.

    My 2020 GSXR1000 and 2021 ZX10R plus my 08 DRZ400 have been great.

    There is absolutely no doubt that Japanese engineering is and has been for 30 odd years far superior to Italian efforts.

    I have been tipped off that bins are favoured but all I can offer is my compost bin.

    Compostbin1 (2021_03_29 11_03_35 UTC).jpg
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  2. And welcome :)
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  3. Welcome to the forum.:)
  4. Greetings! Are you planning to sort out or sell your 1198 -either option with resolve your problem. The first is reccomended!
  5. Whoooo hoooo first compost bin that will do :D your in

    welcome into our mad house
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  6. If someone will buy the bloody unreliable costly upkeep thing it will be out the door quicker than you can say "Australia is the promised land".
  7. Welcome. I usually add 'and enjoy', but that somehow seems inappropriate. Still... Enjoy!
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  8. Not gonna lie, I think my For Sale ad was better ;)
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  9. welcome bobdavo, taking it to another level.
  10. I had a DRZ400 once. It was so dull and boring it was like riding with a lobotomy. What a shite pile of uninspiring junk that was. I sold it and bought an SMR510 which was great fun. I sold that to go towards an 1198. Best bike ever. I miss that bike. But I guess if you like mediocrity, then a DRZ400 is perfect.
  11. Gsxr friends
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  12. Good that you found the place, is “thrilling “used by the in-crowd* these days? I noticed Ducati use it to describe bike if black, have you got a thrilling black 1198?

    * this term is probably long redundant.
  13. Ducati are totally a pain in the derrière. Just totally outclassed by everything else. I agree. Get rid never buy another. I felt exactly the same back in the 70s 80s 90s and the madness continues. Funny with one exception I have forgotten or am indifferent to, every other bike I have owned except one. BTB 195L Puch Maxi first road legal super bike I owned. Anyone got one for sale? Now that's a bike!
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  14. Love the compost bin, nicer in green though! Mines a big black devil with a sticky lid.
  15. Its my idea that the "in crowd" are all back on "insta" having realised their not so glamorous lives couldn't be hidden very well on zoom - but I digress... Didn't you know that orange is the new black & has been for a while! LOL.
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  16. That is an extremely odd view. The DRZ has never been put forward as an "exciting" ride - your knowledge of the bike and its purpose must be extremely poor. It is certainly not mediocre in what it is designed to be - a bullet proof workhorse. Indeed it excels in what it is. Your antagonism toward the bike can only come from some other agenda - if you were thick enough to buy one expecting the height of thrills that says a great deal about you an nothing about the DRZ. :)
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  17. My. You go all insulting because I disliked my own drz? Looks like the drz removes more than I thought. Phew. Lucky escape.
  18. My 1198S was brilliant, loved every minute of my 9 years of ownership..
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