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821 Throttle Response

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Miko, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Hello there.
    So i have a monster 821 stealth 2019 model and i installed a termignoni exhaust and the DDS MAP-key included with it since the first startup. For the last 300 km after a very long trip (1500km) i noticed that the throttle response is different.at the low rpm 3000 to 6000 there is a small delay sometimes(not always) .it is like the throttle says accelerate and the engine refuses for a second.it is really annoying i can tell. i searched the forums and it is a common problem i guess but i have the special map installed!! it should be working perfect. any ideas?
  2. Miko I have a monster 1200R with Termignoni cans and Map key.
    I haven't noticed any delay with the throttle on acceleration but when the throttle is closed for deceleration there's a definite change to the engine braking at around 3 thou revs.
    The engine braking just disappears about 3200 then kicks back in around 2000.
    I bought my bike with the termi's already fitted so I have no idea if this is normal for the 1200r.

    Not much help with your plight.
  3. You've not accidentaly changed the mapping have you? In sport I found the throttle response perfect , in the other modes it felt a bit 'laggy' .
  4. Did you just plug the map key in? I was under the impression that it has to be dealer installed using their software - on the 1200R the maps are swapped, upgrade on to the ecu, stock back on to the key.
  5. Went to my dealer during the week and asked about the Map key and how it works. Long story about the Map key I was given by the dealer and wanted to clarify it was the correct one.
    Anyhow I was asking about what happens if I want to sell the cans and what's the procedure for transferring the map back onto the key.
    Seems the dealer wants to do the transfer back to the Map key and you're given a printout certificate with the appropriate code for the ecu.

    I have no reason to doubt the info I was given BUT that's not to say you can't do this transfer the other way posters have suggested.
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