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Thumb operated rear brake options for the track

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Android853sp, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. I had surgery on my right ankle several years ago that involved detaching and then reattaching my Achillies tendon. With passing age and because I couldn't be arsed to do all the physio, the flexibility of my ankle is such that I struggle to use the rear brake on the track. I have looked at fork mounted thumb operated rear brakes for a while and I found some old posts on here where people were selling them but cannot find anyone expressing an opinion if they are any good or not. So is there anyone on this forum using a thumb brake and is any one make significantly better than the others ? Thanks, Andy
  2. Back brake, what's that, you don't need one of those for the track? Engine braking is more than enough or you're not on the front ones hard enough!
  3. Funny how you often hear that and yet Rossi Marquez and most BSB riders get thru a set of pads in a race...also interetsed in opinions as have thought about doing this. I taught myself not to use the rear brake but with more power comes the need to control the front and back brake dab becomes essential
  4. And how do you find its use? Easy to get the hang of? How long did it take before you acclimatised from using your foot?
  5. Read Mick Doohan's biography. I think he'll give you an argument on that one.
  6. If they are good or bad it doesn't matter if you have no choice through a damaged ankle,foot,leg im sure you would soon get used to it.
  7. Ouch ! That's a significant investment but of all the ones I've seen it looks like you get a decent leverage and hopefully some feel/feedback. Thanks for that. Andy
  8. What about those cheap motox ones? You can pick them up for pittance and if its function, rather than form, you are looking for I wonder if they'd do the job
  9. Only problem is I haven't seen one for a 53mm fork although I did find a handle bar mounted version. I'm a little surprised Ducv2 is the only person who has one to respond. Perhaps it is a very specialist/personal thing and there aren't that many people who use one on a big v twin. Andy
  10. Hi. Like you I've thought about it, Deemon Tweeks do a at least 2 options from memory. On track I don't tend to use the rear brake going into corners, more coming out to help control front end lift or as a kind of poor mans traction control. Even dragging it a little gives me more confidence to open the gas harder and sooner. So I understand your interest. I've never used one, but the people I've spoken to who do love them, and say they're surprised how much they use it. Depending on the type, you can have ones powerful enough to lock the rear for stunting, or ones purely for corner control.
    If you do take the plunge, keep us posted on how you're getting on with it.
  11. Decided to make my very own thumb brake , for no other reason than I can , this is the fork leg bracket . I will decide on the master cylinder after I have disassembled a brembo one I have . I will either use that one, or if I fancy the challenge, I will make one of my own . Can`t be that difficult . Then all thats needed is a lever . I think the advertised ones are a rip off and will keep you posted on my progress .Will need polishing when finished . This took about 2 hours but I do have a lathe and a milling machine .

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  12. Will do. I should get the forks back next week so I hope to be making progress with the build over the holiday. Andy
  13. Looks good. Andy
  14. must admit I nicked the design from the web . That why I thought about my own master cylinder as Im sure I could make a smaller one . Lever will be to suit the bike as well . This is the picture that started it .

  15. I think John Lawson (yeti) was doing something with regards to thumb brakes.

    | Lawson Modelmakers Ltd | Home Page

    He was doing bike stuff but can't see it on his website.

    Might be worth ringing him.
  16. I have one fitted to my 1098R track bike. To be honest I hardly use it, occasionally to stop the front coming up on the gas. Remember though, you have lot more leverage and strength in your foot than your thumb. When I do use it I have to press it as hard as fuck for desired results. They look cool though....
  17. And a fair bit of skill on both looking at the picture! Fair play to you!
  18. Want a reliable one that works both off the foot and thumb go to any store dedicated to stunt riding. If they use one it is good.
  19. I'm looking at making my own too.

    I think this MC looks pretty neat.

    isr rear.jpg

    It's from ISR but i think it's about £120.

    isr rear.jpg
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