Thumbs Up For Bridgestone S22's

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Dazzx10r, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. I fitted a pair to my V4s, 200/55 as Bridgestone don't make a 200/60 it's not a problem as the tyre calculator on the dash takes care of this. I fitted them to do a trip to Spain and have to say they are bloody fantastic. They offered loads of grip and have loads of tread left on them after covering 1834 miles. Even in a heat wave in Spain where the mercury hit 43 degrees the tyre's behaved fantastically.
  2. Looking at replacing the Michelin’s on the Tuono with these
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  3. Oh my daze....I put these S22's on my StreetFigher 1098 and my opinion, they at tons better than the Corsas by a long way. Sticky and heat up fast. The feedback is amazing and you can feel everything, it's the difference of going bareback or covering up (you know)
  4. These are next on my list of "tyres to try"....
  5. I'll be taking mine off in the next couple of weeks and selling them, they have plenty of life left in them easily do another 1000 miles or so. My wheels are going in for powder coating so I will refit the original supercorsa's that came on the bike.