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Time Wasting Buyers

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Messer, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Grrrrr so annoyed.

    So, I sold my 916 SPS to a chap who came and was thrilled with the bike. Looked at the bike, looked at the papers and left a deposit. Wanted to come back with his duc owning friend, which was fine, came round 2 days later and his friend also looked over over the bike and was happy so he left more deposit (in to the 000s). All good.

    Next day, he decided to re check the papers and noticed it has baines racing as the 'independant importer' so then rang me to say he was thinking about backing out and could he have a day to think, so said thats fine. He also said he rang the previous owner who was a bit funny and offish with him and it spooked him.

    Later that night called to say its off, no longer happy to buy the bike and wants his deposit back. Which is fine to an extend as the deposit is so large but even at this point its fair I keep some as a deposit is what it is surely.

    Next day rang me to say change of mind, still wants the bike and I asked if he was 100% sure, to which he said he was.

    Next day he rang me back to say its off again as he cant get past the baines racing import bit and it might have been raced with Baines being a racing firm (which is not true, as I spoke to the original owner who bought the bike new)

    What the actual fck.

    Surely, you do all of this before committing to buy a bike. I suggested I was going to withhold some of the deposit and he got arsey about it. Seriously no pleasing some people. A deposit is a commitment to purchase, not a commitment to further dwell and consider.

    So p1ssed off with this situation.

    Just ranting more than anything
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  2. How many second or third parties did you get expressing an interest in buying? Have you got their phone numbers? If you did have other people interested in parallel then this is the bit that would also annoy me.
  3. Keep all the deposit.
    I am sure you wrote down the terms of the deal and both signed to agree to those terms?
  4. Yes I did, and they are now sorted with alternatives. Im not in a rush to sell the bike, but as an impulsive guy I bought myself another bike in the mean time as well
  5. Hes saying I said it was a UK bike which in my mind it is, as it was declared new at first registration by Baines and I thought nothing of that - but Baines are listed as an 'Independant Importer'.
  6. I would keep the deposit pending an alternative sale. We have all had similar experiences over the years and no doubt been on the other side of the equation too. It certainly helps to clarify decision making when a financial penalty may be levied!
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  7. So its not just me then who thinks that a deposit is what you put on a bike you either want to commit to buy, or you are happy to loose if you change your mind. If you are not happy (after making your checks) dont put a deposit down.
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  8. Give him his deposit back and publish his name tc. as widely as possible.

    If I had paid the deposit and agreed to the purchase I would honour the deal. What a right royal PIA
  9. I would too, do all of your research first before committing. Never waste peoples time like this, its just not on. Everything was there for the chap to see, the bike is absolutely stunning, paperwork all stacks up - no issues at all. I think a lot of the SPS models are the same on the logbooks where they have been registered by places like Baines - and just because it says 'Baines Racing' doesnt mean its a race bike!
  10. Combination of buyers remorse and potentially being ripped off. Been in similar position myself, so get where the buyer is coming from: really wants it but just cant quite get over ‘not official’ bit.

    Put down to experience, make clear when selling in future its a Baines bike etc and sell again :)
  11. Well, did you not decide if you were happy with it before agreeing to buying the one you had remorse over? All of the paperwork was gone through with a fine tooth comb on 2 separate occasions before committing to buy..
  12. Nothing wrong with the bike being imported by Baines. My 996 was imported by them in 99, and it was an official UK bike fitted from the factory with mph clocks.
    It just came on on a different truck and saved me 4 grand I remember.
    Guy is just being an arse.
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  13. TBH no, I think if it got to that stage the remote should be well over! I had an issue where it wasn’t declared as imported, ie not official UK car and first registered abroad, so not the same as yours.

    All my sympathy in this is with you :)
  14. Yes, if it was imported it would say 'declared registered and/or used overseas'

    My V5 says 'Declared new in GB by independent importer' talk about adding two and two and making 25.
    This, to this guys knowledgeable friend means that the bike is am imported ex race bike absolutely laughable :joy::joy::joy:
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  15. I would agree that being imported by Baines is a positive thing.
    Better not try to sell him mine, it was brought in by a Lamborghini Dealer in Sussex - he may reject it thinking it has 4 wheels!
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  16. Companies House say Ducati UK wasn’t incorporated as a Private Limited Company until 1st November 1999.
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  17. even funnier!!
  18. Indeed. Weren’t they all independently imported?!
  19. Yes, though some may have been made left hand drive with the yoke and seat on the left of the bike for spain and france maybe?
  20. Or headlights dipping the wrong way...

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