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Featured Tony Rutter....rip

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by quantuman, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Isle of Man TT legend Tony Rutter has died.

    Son Michael has released this statement:

    “It is with sadness that after a period of poor health, dad passed away earlier today. I was with him when he died at about 2am and he was very peaceful.

    “It makes me smile how dad lived his life exactly how he wanted to and how he got away with so much.

    “He will probably be best remembered for winning the world TT-F2 championship four times on a Ducati, as well as seven Isle of Man TT wins, nine North West 200 wins, and two British championship titles during his 22 year career.

    “I’d like to say a big thank you to his carers for taking such good care of him and all his fans and supporters.”
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  2. Thats really sad - RIP Tony...
  3. RIP Tony. Very sad. I well remember the IoM wins.
  4. One of road racing’s true greats. RIP. Andy
  5. Very sad news a luvly guy and legendary racer... x
  6. What a way to live, living your dream. rip chap
  7. RIP Tony Rutter :(
  8. Such sad news, RIP Tony.
  9. RIP
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  10. Very sad news :(
  11. Very sad
  12. That took me by suprise!!RIP sir.
  13. It brings a tear to the eye, another one of the greats passed from this world ,RIP Tony
  14. One of the big names now sadly departed :(
  15. Very sad. Michael has had a bumpy time of late
  16. I watched followed him racing on his F2 at Assen, Villa Real and Montjuic Park back in the mid 80's. Fond memories.
  17. Sad news. RIP
  18. RIP Tony. What a legend.

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