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Featured Took The Old Girl Out

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by CAT3, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Roads were much quiter today after the madness of the weekend :joy:
    So, took the old girl out for an airing in the summer sun :upyeah: Might be the 750SS's turn tomorrow if the sun keeps shining !

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  2. lovely motorcycle you've there sir,I've to say i did prefer riding the roads when there was a lockdown inplace,from a selfish point of view of course.
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  3. Cheers Vulcan (?) :)
    You were not the only selfish person to be thinking that sir, me too !!:laughing:
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  4. Gorgeous bike! I've just turned green...
  5. SS's turn today, before the forecst rain tomorrow !:)

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  6. Don't you just hate it when your working in the hot weather and others are playing with their toys.:mad:;)
  7. Small compensation for a self-employed man working in the aircraft maintenance market :grinning:
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  8. I hope your a specialist as that industry looks fecked in the short term.:thinkingface:
  9. Think I'm "fecked" then !!:(
  10. Let's hope not for your sake.
  11. Fingers crossed :joy:
    Maintenance is usually quiet around this time of year, normally everyone's going on holiday !! So, I'm sort of use to not having much work around this time of year.

    I'm guessing a lot of airlines will be debating upon whether they need to put aircraft into "long term" storage with all the implications that would involve, (cost & manpower) if they need to get them flying quickly due to demand suddenley increasing if we come out of lock-down anytime soon.

    Hey-ho, what will be, will be :)
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  12. People always will need a holiday sooner or rather than later in life,normality is just round the corner,that's if folks still have the folding stuff in their pockets.
  13. Thank You for the pictures @CAT3 bikes are Luvely
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  14. You can see why you'd enjoy going out on those two, lovely
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