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Featured Top Gear Tribute To Sabine Schmitz

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Symon Moore, Apr 3, 2021.

  1. This will be worth a look

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  2. Well that was great. What a beautiful soul she was. RIP Sabine, life is so unfair sometimes x
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  3. I just watched it too.

    They all described her well. Such a shame. The world and motorsport in particular is a poorer place without her.

    Nurburgring lap record at 19 years of age. I didn’t know that!

    name the whole track after her.
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  4. I’ll be at Heathrow in a hotel room on Wednesday, so I’ll watch it then... She definitely seemed a good egg. Bloody shame.
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  5. Just watched it. Not ashamed to say I blubbed all the way through.
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  6. Sabine Schmitz Tribute song with German subtitles on Youtube

    Worth a watch. Great lady.

  7. Brass?

    I’m not sure they’re in to watching the tv mate
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  8. They’ll do anything you want provided you pay them enough. Allegedly :p
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  9. 7 minutes in, wtf ? There are people singing her praises that weren’t part of TG or out of short pants and know shit. Very disappointed. Andy
  10. Possibly because to British audiences she was best known for her appearances on TG. It would have been good to have some informed comments on her ability and record as a serious racing driver, I agree. That said, she had bags of charisma and personality, something that cannot be said for many professional racing drivers these days except possibly for the WRC boys.
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