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Track Bike - Naive.... Or Not.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by apatchy, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. I have a transit van, and i have a 748 sitting in the garage, so apart from making sure the bike is mechanically sound (it was MOT's in 2015 and has done 100 miles since - but i do need to do the belts) is there anything i should be thinking about before doing some novice track days aside of the obvious like tyres, i have seen adverts for novice only days that look quite affordable and I have seen track day fairings on fleabay for £200, so some insurance and i'd be good to go right? ....or not. Of course this could all be idle Sunday morning "daydreaming" but it's in my head now..
  2. Go for it
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  3. As above.
    You may need to get some baffles if it has open pipes.
    As you said, tyres would be good.
    Make sure plenty of meat on your brake pads.

    No need for insurance...that’s what your right hand is for!
  4. Tyres and brakes. Then a good check over and have at it. Not sure trackday insurance is worth much, but the 748/9+6 crash well.
    Later be prepared to spend all of your spare cash :cool:.
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  5. You may get hooked, possibly cheaper to develop a coke habit.
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  6. +1 for 748/9*6 crashing well!
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  7. My tuned 748/853 made 100db without baffles at oulton so I wouldn't worry about noise to much. They make great track bikes, just change tyres for new front brake pads, make sure everything tight.
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  8. so some crash bungs too... i don't want to chuck money at it particularly, my focus is getting back on the road, but it does seem very appealing as i have the bike and van already, and it could help my road riding awareness now being un llygadog....
  9. I would not bother with crash bungs as the have the nasty habit of digging in and flipping the bike. These bikes usually just slide along as there is not much sticking out. Would recommend a closed or substantial clutch cover though.....
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  10. it's got Leo Vince race pipes on it, when i had it MOT'd i called the guy at the garage to see if i needed to put the standard pipes on for the MOT, he told me to put tape over the "Race use only" stamp because they were not allowed to remove it - and they loved loud pipes anyway.
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  11. Suspension setup will largely determine how much progress you make out of your natural talent. Most people never setup their road bikes because it makes very little difference, but on a track you will quickly find out. There is usually someone around at the track who can help.
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  12. Better with clutch cover and any engine casing cover imho
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  13. If it flips you'll have two sides to cry over not just one. Fork bobbins and maybe swing arm, track fairings and a pack from GBRacing. Sawted
  14. I didn’t have any crash bungs and the damage was fairly minimal.
    Could have done with a closed clutch cover though as my clutch got mashed.
  15. I find the crash bungs flip the bike so it smacks the ground hard and the frame gets bent usually at the headstock.
  16. I did a few days at Snetterton before track days were invented.....they were called practice days instead, but that's how I met Foggy and Whitham when they were with Honda.

    I was on a ZXR750 and started to get some really good lap times in, but after several laps the Bridgestones went off and nearly lost it at Ritchies, ended up on the grass at 100+ but luckily I didn't brake and kept it upright.

    That's when I decided I didn't have the bottle to fling a fairly new bike around a track, because I didn't want to fling it down the track and get hurt into the bargain.

    So I took up racing outfits instead..........as the passenger.

    But not everybody has a photo like this........

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  17. No 1 thing. Ride and enjoy as if it’s a fast road. Think about crashing and you are more likely too! Concentrate on what you want, a fun filled fast riding day, not what you don’t :upyeah:
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  18. Absolutely no reason not to try a track day, they are huge fun but hugely addictive. However, look closely at the terms and conditions of the track day provider. IIRC, the MSV taster and novice days are for road legal bikes only that have to be ridden to the circuit. Andy
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  19. Had a read on MSV as it was their site i'd seen the novice days advertised, it seems that a track specific bike is fine, but obvious requirements for tyres, brakes etc etc apply, cant see any requirement to ride to the circuit or a "road legal" bike... MOT etc..
  20. I have open 50mm cans on mine, never failed a noise test. For me the weakest link was the brakes, you can chuck a lot a money at them if you wish, P4 calipers, HPK Disks, RCS MC etc... however some decent pads would be a start. Might be a good idea to have your forks and rear damper serviced if they have never been done.
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