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Track Day Supersports

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by MADASL, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. From back in the summer - one 900ss and one 800ss - both sporting their new high level end cans and link pipes.

    Roll on next summer!!

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  2. Those seats look comfy! :D
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  3. Actually that probably answers the "what track bike" question quite nicely. I've been toying with the idea of a CBR600 or R6 but that looks a very good alternative... hmmmm
  4. Go for it - you know it makes sense!!
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  5. You want a cbr929rr.....trust me.
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  6. Hi, who did the link pipes for you? I've been looking at changing to hi level pipes on my 900ss which spends most of its time on track now. Hawk end cans as you've done look a good solution and aren't silly money.
  7. Don't know where I'd find one for sale... and a 900 is a bit fast for my talent @ Cadwell. Isn't the 954 generally held to be the epitome of that latter era of BabaBlades? :)
  8. We make them. PM us and we can chat.
  9. Trying hard not to hijack the thread (sorry) but it was the first of the fuel injection bikes. 954 was last model before the 1000's. It's not got much more power than a modern 600 but a lot more grunt and you stress the engine less. You can run it on classic track days they do at Caldwell I'm told.
  10. Whilst I've no doubt a 954 is a great bike it's not a V twin
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  11. Yes, true. Sorry for the hijack. Your bikes look great. I'll be quiet now.
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