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Track Leathers Buying Getting Altered N Stuff

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by chizel, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. Good evening my hombres.
    I am looking to buy a 1 piece and like many, nothing of the rack fits me well...
    What is the solution?
    I think custom made would be well out my price range ...
    What about getting off the rack and getting em altered?
    Anyone done this and or could suggest a good outfit to go to?
    Also any suggestions on brands and what to look for?
    Budget probably 700 ish , seen a few different ones for around £500 and then a few hundred to alter maybe?
  2. You’re about my size wouldn’t you say? If so give HELD a look. :upyeah:
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  3. Apart from his belly :thinkingface:
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  4. Youre south M25 based aren't you? Nine Lives Guiodford and Hill4Leather (I think they are called) Camberely can help. A while ago now but £250 to make 2-pice into 1-piece and alterations depend on if its legs, arms, waist etc.
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  5. http://www.hill4leather.com

    Description Price From
    Shorten Ankle £45
    Shorten Above Knee £75
    Shorten Above and Below Knee £100
    Lengthen at Ankle £75
    Lengthen Above Knee £100
    Shorten Sleeves From Cuff £55
    Shorten Sleeves From Above Elbow £70
    Shorten Sleeves From Above and Below Elbow £90
    Lengthen Sleeves at Cuff £75
    Lengthen Sleeves Above Elbow £90
    Take in Waist on Trousers £55
    Let Out Waist on Trousers £70
    Keprotec Crutch £60
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  6. Hill 4 Leather have done some repair work to my A Star suit after a spill at Le Mans, and they were both reasonably priced and excellent quality of work. Recommended.
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  7. I (note how unlike most on here my sentences start with a personal pronoun) bought a set of Dianese (one piece) about 400 yrs ago and have been wearing them ever since (although clearly not at all times). The quality is second to none (although not quite as good as one other brand whose name escapes me) and I can't see myself ever having to replace them (mainly due to my being thrown out of my local branch of 'World of Leather' after complaining that it wasn't really a world of leather, more really just a shop selling stuff made out of leather). I would highly recommmend; the brand having the added bonus of being one of those brands with a number of differing pronunciations of the name; some saying Dianese, others Dianese, and even some the faintly ridiculous, Dianese. I just say Dianese and have done with it, end of discussion. You don't get that luxury with Alpinestars, you mark my words!
    Incidentally, mine need to be altered too as I am now much slimmer and better looking than I was back in the day. I can now actually get in and out of them without having to unzip, like some kind of circus novelty act, if you will?
    Hope this has been helpful!
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  8. The Army boys use RST, and lots race in them. IME stay clear of Frank Thomas these days, and as Joe says some of the alpinsetars look a bit on the thin side. If you go somewhere like the megastore, my bet is you will find 10 suits you can try on
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  9. More amusing than helpful... and what the fuck is a personal pronoun? ( actually, don't answer that).
    But I do thank you for your input sir...
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  10. I bought some RST's for about £450, my mate bought some Alpinestars for about £900. Both had a very similar spill and mine have some minor scuffing on, his ripped to shreds.

    For the money I don't think you can beat RST stuff.
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  11. But they are real quality and fit like a glove.

    Are you planning on doing more track days?
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  12. If its a weekend, let me know I may pop down for a coffee
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  13. It has been a long day a now a boring night in without my bird. More about amusing myself after the frustration of endless work than anything else. Seriously though, they are top notch and haven't dropped a stitch or a zip in nearly 20yrs. I wouldn't have anything else. They are even waterproof!
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