1098 Track Prep.

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  1. I'm off to Parcmotor next week for 3 days on track and my engine isn't finished on my trackbike so I've have had some work done on the 1098 and I'm taking that instead.
    I dropped the bike in with Nelly a couple of weeks ago and this is the bike finished today.
    New Chinese fairings and red tank fitted, sigma slipper clutch, K-tech ssk kit, Penske rear shock, TRW rearsets, twin front brakelines and gearing altered.
    I have to say a big thank you to Nelly for sorting everything at short notice with me keep dropping additional items for him to fit before the bike drop off deadline. Top bloke and very reasonable price as well.
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  2. Hi Nick,

    lovely bike -didn't know you had a Duke!! Have fun!
  3. Hi Li I bought it late last year but next week will be my first proper ride on it.
    Are you racing this year?
  4. Love it, that's going to be a lot of fun.
  5. Is that you're garage or someone's workshop?
  6. That's my gaff ;)
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  7. Liking the fairing mate. Was thinking of getting a cheap set as another spare track set.

    What's the quality like?
  8. Neil fitted them and he was pretty impressed. I paid about £400 for them and they came with all the infill panels as well.
    The paint job is really good and there are loads of designs to choose from.
    The ABS is more brittle than OEM so I don't hold out much hope for them in an off but fibreglass fairings and a paint job would cost more and would fair no better if they hit the tarmac.
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  9. Won't be racing this year as I'm still deciding on which bike i want to use next - I did think of a 1198 or panigale r but not yet decided. Btw - you should get a better clutch cover - the one from JHP offers much better protection.
  10. Either would be a good choice in my eyes. The clutch cover came fitted on the bike but I will look at the JHP one as I need to add more crash protection with my track record. :wink:
  11. Where did you buy the fairings, if you don't mind sharing? I was thinking about getting dedicated track fairings for my 1098S as well.
  12. I bought them off ebay from China. There are lots to choose from.
    I had to pay the import duty as well which was about £60.
  13. Li just had a look on JHP website is it the billet half cutch cover one you mean?
  14. You want some nice light weight wheels on there, that's what you want...:)
  15. I really do want those wheels you're selling it wouldn't take too much to tempt me!
  16. Listen to the voices...,.
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  17. It's like tinnitus.....
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  18. yes - although the full one also works well:)

    they also have the front spindle bobbins which work well too. more crash protection:)
  19. Well I've just got back from Parcmotor and I fell in love with the 1098. It was the first time I've really ridden it and the bike felt like it was on rails.

    The idea was to set up the suspension over the 3 days but I never had to touch a thing. The K-tech front end was perfect and I could trail brake right up to the apex and the rear Penske shock I bought from Paul 1098 was spot on with his settings in it.

    It took me a while to get comfortable with road shift but after a few tweaks of the gear lever position I finally got it right for the last day and dropped a couple more seconds off the laptimes.

    The track is like a scaled down version of Portimao and really flows nicely I will definitely be returning.
  20. Good to hear you enjoyed Parcmotor, off there tomorrow with Circuit Moto will be on an 1198SP, great to hear it's a bit like Portimao too. What sort of lap times did you get down to?