Trashed 5 Year Old Range Rover Sport - Full 25 Hour Detail

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  1. Range Rover Sport HSE - Vehicle was absolutely riddled with deep wash marring ( Hand Car Wash ) and random deep scratches ....( Metallic fleck in paint was totally obscured due to amount of surface defects - after machine correction the metallic fleck is once again visable and ' pops '. ). Full clinical safe wash ( 4 buckets with double gritguards in each ) Citrus pre-wash followed by Bilt Hamber Auto foam to remove as much dirt as possible prior to contact wash. Gyeon Bathe Essence vehicle shampoo. All intricate / tight areas cleaned with a Swissvax detailing brush. Dooka Osha wash pad for paintwork and Microfibre madness mitt for lower parts of vehicle / Arches cleansed - tyres degreased - Iron remover to wheels then wheels coated - Full chemical ( Tar & Iron ) decontamination & physical decontamination to remove any remaining bonded contaminants with Tac Systems clay-cloth. Vehicle air blown dry including all gaps. Spies Hecker 7010 wipedown prior to machine correction to give true representation of paintwork & to give me an idea as to how bad it really was. ( All Rupes Bigfoot machines and Rupes pads used & Fantastic Sonax Perfect Finish ), Various light source's via Scangrip. Finally Gyeon Ceramic coating allowed to cure overnight then an application of Gyeon Cure to protect underlying ceramic / promote curing and to give a super-slick finish. All exterior plastics cleansed and restored back to factory with Solution Finish. Tailpipes polished and protected. Interior FULLY detailed back to a factory as new finish.













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  2. Appreciate you sharing the process Rob, top job'

    You should add your website into you're signature for anyone interested bud.
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  3. Great rejuvenation, impressed. So, ball parkish, how much is a job like this going to cost the vehicle owner?
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  4. Thanks Buddy....I'll take your advice and add my website.....Cheers...
  5. Ball parkish.....starting at £550 upwards dependant on specific coatings to outer and inner.
  6. One word... Spectacular!
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  7. Thanks buddy....really appreciate your was a bloody big jobby!!
  8. Very nice..... you must be very a very patient man. :upyeah:
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  9. haha...patient? no buddy.....just my
  10. and Forum Trader sig.
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  11. Great job Rob :upyeah:
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  12. Thanks Hun :heart:
  13. :cool: Looks like the owner got good value there, hope they keep on top of it now after all that work. :cool:
    Been looking recently at the range of products available for this sort of work and can't believe how sophisticated it is.
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  14. The owner was blown away Thank you.....Detailing is just that.....there is a huge range of products available to the consumer and pro alike....its knowing whats good, and how to use them effectively....skill and a methodical approach is also a ' must have pre-requisite ' if you want to go down the route of machine polishing to attain results.....if you need any tips or advice going forward please don't hesitate to send me a PM and i'll endeavour to help you no worries.
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  15. I wish I had your patience. I'd have been down the pub before I finished the front wing. :confused:
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  16. TBH buddy....after each long day it was home for food and then bed....was too knackered for beer which is saying something for me! :)
  17. I bet the owner was really pleased. I hope he appreciates your hard work?
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  18. That looks amazing great job :upyeah:, nice car too, although to me it would look much better covered in mud with a set of general grabbers instead of low profiles on, that’s what Range Rovers are for :D, well, when they’re not breaking, sadly speaking from personal experience on that one!.
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  19. Top job welldone,keep it up:upyeah:
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