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  1. I think Her.

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  2. With a choice like that, I think I might go heaumeau :Troll:
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  3. can some kind of a deal be done within the American system that allow some sort of coalition?
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  4. And I thought this thread was going to be about whether to cross-dress of go straight for the darts match down the pub tonight..
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  5. Clinton will prevail decisively and it will be the Hispanic vote that sinks Trump. Thank goodness he alienated them so badly!
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  6. With Scotchland you mean? Only if Trump wins, as he owns Scotchland :D
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  7. No. The President and the Vice-President have not been from opposite parties since 1804 (the Twelfth Amendment).
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  8. Surely it's got to be her....but this is AMUURICA, and those guys are just crazy ;)
  9. we will just get him telt
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  10. Yip, he owns that background in yer picture :)
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  11. really glad that i am not an Americunt and that America is not Australia,, so i dont need to choose between a snake and a lizard .
  12. and his customers own him.
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  13. I'm sure i read recently that the last time he went to Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon grabbed Donald Trump by the pussy........ To be fair that answers a lot :rolleyes:

  14. Could be true, but say what you like about Trump, I bet he didn't grab Nippy's cock in return. He's not that kinda guy,
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  15. aye. you can find a brexiter at the arse end of anywhere. :smileys:
  16. It could be a laugh if Trump gets the gig
  17. and she's not that " kind of lady " ..:Bored:
  18. He's going to need to hire a speech writer pretty sharpish. Waving his finger about and repeating the same phrase isn't going to cut it in televised speeches from the White House.
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  19. A speech writer will only work if he also learns to read.

    Go Trump!