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  1. yes, i can spot them a mile off.
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  2. I can trace my FULL Scottish ancestry to the 17th Century. Well my Dad did. I, frankly, cant be arsed. But the good side of you is Jock, the arsehole side must be the english bit eh? :)
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  3. yep, sounds like a snp manifesto to me
  4. Yes one written by Westminsters failures.
  5. hmm, not quite sure what it is yer trying to say there boots *shifty* hmmm. anyhoo. as i often say, you are what you eat,
    i believe you like yer full english. but its gonna take more than a pull through with a Christmas tree to get the english oota yersel.
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  6. Aye, yer bang on there finny. As soon as I get over the border, I stop for a flat sausage egg n bacon scots roll. Yummy. I could murder a scots pie too.
  7. just stuffing my face with a stowaway black pudding in a roll.
    man. is it good. which will bring us right back on topic.
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  8. yummy? ffs. get oot o there
    fecking yummy. oh my god.
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  9. Yeah, what did they ever do for us?? ;)
  10. I'm pretty sure that if he weren't a complete ass-hat the Republican / Conservative element of 'the establishment' would be only too happy to support his presidency. He's is continually demonstrating that he is unfit for the role and that is why support is wavering, even amongst those who share his pro-business agenda.

    Quite why anyone would continue to support him after the first 100+ days of utter incompetence is beyond me... He is a dick. 100%
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  11. Absolutely back to Trump

    Your like Trump fin, he's only half Scottish too :party:
  12. Try Jo Cox. Stabbed and shot for her beliefs.
  13. Yes bus more like you as an englishman as hes half german
  14. *falling over laughing* it's like the good ol daaaaays. careful tho. going off topic is frowned upon these days.
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  15. I think Trump's biggest problem is that he is a total narcissist. This means that he sees the whole of life as being about him. Clearly, it isn't, especially if you are POTUS. Hence his continual whinges about the media being nasty to him. He just hasn't been able to move up a notch from reality TV star to president. He has no gravitas, no way of approaching the job without his ego getting in the way. This is clearly his Achilles heel and severely reduces his IQ. Just as people in love can be stupid (and usually are) and lack judgement, so too can a man in love with himself have the same shortcomings.
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  17. Well, he's off to a region famous for being offended by just about everything. What could possibly go wrong?
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  18. Perhaps we might contrast Trump with another self-obsessed narcissist - Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. In Monty's case his condition did not prevent him from being Britain's best WWII general. Although it did famously make him an insufferable pain in the arse.
  19. He was good on Desert Island Discs. Check it out.
  20. I was always willing to give the man a chance, but honestly he is really starting to show delusion.

    At points in life you need to admit making errors, say you were wrong, say you were sorry, frankly anything to show that you realise mistakes were made and you're capable of moving forwards having learned that lesson.

    But Trump seems genuinely incapable of admitting any errors whatsoever.

    It's embarrassing to watch now and I can't see him lasting which is a bit of a pity. I do think the Americans deserve a new type of leadership and Clinton sure as hell wasn't the answer, but Trump seems to be blowing this continuously
  21. I don't care for Trumps style or vocabulary,but I don't see him as a failure,a danger to Western stability,or anything else particularly negative.
    60+ million Americans voted for him,they obviously must like him,and I haven't seen any evidence of any groundswell of public support for anyone else.
    Imho he is right about the witch hunt though: all of these stories about Russian interference in the election etc are hot air,not one single shred of proof has been provided of any kind,and when one unverified story is disbelieved by the public another hysterical shrieking is heard from the MSM.
    It happened to Reagan too,as I recall,and there are many millions of Americans who remember him as a good if not great POTUS.
    You don't have to dig deep to find that,despite claims by the media,Obama achieved very little in his 2 terms,and even the big stuff like Obamacare is wretchedly expensive for huge numbers of those it was supposed to help.But the media approved,so that was all right then,eh?
    There is no proof that Trump has ever divulged anything, there was actual evidence tha HRC was incredibly careless with State secrets,even to the extent that she ordered the destruction of computers to cover it up: her and Bills new foundation is set up to hide the source of donations in exactly the way she was criticising others for raising money:Seth Rich,late DNC staffer reputed to be the mole who gave secrets to Wikileaks, was murdered,(as have been quite a few close Clinton allies,or who have died in suspicious circumstances),and yet these things are airily waved away in favour of non-stories about the outsider who beat her in the Presidential race?...per-lease...
    And as if all the above were not enough,we have almost exact parallels here.
    ANY attempt to seriously discuss ANYTHING that does not fit the ilLiberal,MSM agenda is shouted down,media bias is both rife and obvious,and pro-Brexit voters are described in the same manner as Trump supporters,i.e,thick,racist,ignorant,working class scum.
    Well,thats democracy for you.
    If you are one of the working class majority who are described as such by the MSM/politicians/those educated at the Universities working class taxpayers have funded but cannot afford to attend,then you have every right to be offended.
    As it happens I'm offended,because I voted to leave the EU,AND I consider myself working's a real shame we the majority don't stand up for ouselves a bit more,(there would be a lot fewer undeserving snouts in the taxpayers trough I can assure you)
    I would have probably voted for Trump had I been American,and I would also be seeing through the thinly disguised spiteful,unproven nonsense he is being accused of in the American media
    He comes across as a clumsy sort,but I'll judge him on what he does,not what he sounds or dresses like.