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  2. El T in his stepping-out gear?
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  3. I see he’s been at it again. What are the odds that Tillerson has been bulleted because he’s spoken out against Russia? :)
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  4. ...The Donald is like a 6 year old that doesn't want to be friends anymore......
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  5. makes you wonder what he is to Putin...

  6. Sacking the Secretary of State in a tweet regardless of the reasons for change is unnecessary and piss poor imo. Trump has fired at least 15 major Whitehouse staff & and advisory councils - thats apart from the ones which are now being indicted by the FBI. Maybe The Donald thinks he is still on the Apprentice TV show...
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  7. It is extraordinary the way that Trump abuses his own friends, allies, supporters, staff, and appointees just as contemptuously as he treats his opponents. Not easy to think of any leader in the world, or at any time in history, who has behaved quite like this.
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  8. I
    I Pray some fucker will shoot Trump before year end 2018, I have £10.00 on it !!!,
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  9. So would you prefer the Pence?
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  10. What other people have you put money on to die this year?
  11. A greater improvement to the world would be made if someone shot Putin.
  12. and all of his mates.
    but saying that, who would fund the torys then?
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  13. Why, you finm. You'd continue to fund the Tories. Duh.
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  14. i guess in a way, we all kinda do. where there's business, there's donations, where theres a tax, there's a scrounger on expenses.
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  15. Goat Almightly.

    Could it be that finm's been taking politics lessons at long last? Yay!
  16. the loz has switched his gob on.
    hip hip hip hooray.
    a sanctimonious demonstration is required every day.
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  17. You're a poet and ...

    I'll add that to the list of things you don't know.
  18. well, i do know, or at least think, most things politically are smoke and mirrors at the mo, maybe always. more of the same with the trumster and co i think.
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  19. Baby steps, finm.

    Are there any famous people whose death you would be happy to profit from? Asking for a friend.