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  1. Except Manaforts case has nothing to do with Trump nor is it related to the Russia enquiry

    A new document outlining charges against Manafort was filed by Mueller earlier on Friday. It said Manafort conspired to defraud the US through offences including money laundering and tax fraud, and conspired to obstruct justice by witness tampering.

    He has admitted to money laundering and tax evasion in his own personal financial life and then trying to hide it.

    It's worth noting, that is factual from the washington dc trial where as yours is your desperate wish to attach anything to trump belied by the fact you post in no other thread in a motorcycle forum

    You may want to try again as I'm sure you will
  2. Trump approval slips into the 30's

    CNN have approval down to 36% down from 42% last month!

    Maybe the disastrous Afghanistan tactics of air superiority and endless bombing since Trump vowed to win the is too much like the Vietnam war and the people are losing faith? The so called Maximum Military Pressure, (intensified airstrikes and special forces raids) have brought no success. Thousands more US military have been sent bringing the total to14,000+. Last October, the then commander of US forces, John Nicholson, said a "tidal wave of air power" would also be unleashed and that this was "the beginning of the end for the Taliban". Seems the Commander in Chief was wrong. The Taliban control ever larger areas of the country and are still fighting and winning after 17 years.
  3. Two points:

    1. I didn’t say that the charges / guilty plea had anything to do with Trump. This news clearly relates to Paul Manafort. I did point out however that a Joint Defense Agreement suggests that Manafort and Trump share some element of legal jeopardy (not necessarily relating to these particular charges).

    2. The Special Counsel’s investigation is not over. Manafort’s plea deal includes an agreement to co-operate, something which Trump has been trying to prevent by hinting at a future pardon.

    Softly softly catchee fat orange monkey :D
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  4. Worth noting that Trump & Manafort’s legal teams have been operating under a joint defence agreement (allowing them to share information about each other’s cases). This is typically appropriate where defendants are facing broadly the same charges... :thinkingface:

    1 okay you never said that and implied both were the same, did you use the greek alphabet translator?

  5. Wouldn’t surprise me even slightly If he too is guilty of money laundering and tax evasion.
    He has already stated publicly that he considers the avoidance of tax to be his duty towards his employees and his family.
    If he feels no moral obligation to pay his fair share of tax, evasion is not a huge leap on from that.
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  6. Trumps said Manafort is a good man and he feels sorry for him. Right after Manafort was convicted of tax evasion which would have brought $15million into the public purse. If that is a not warped sense of fairness I don't what is.
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  7. There is a difference between tax avoidance and tax reduction. America traditionally where they cannot get a person for alledged offences and fail, tend to get people on tax though the irs, that's how they caught Capone
  8. Manafort was found guilty of five tax fraud charges, one charge of hiding foreign bank accounts and two counts of bank fraud. He faces a maximum of 80 years in prison.

    A very good man apparently!
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  9. It’s taken ages for Mueller to get Manafort to flip, and there’s no doubt - his cooperation deal is The Big One.

    Manafort was at the centre of the campaign and all things ‘Russia’. He was an eye-witness to the crucial Trump Tower ‘Adoption’ meeting...

    He now has to tell all.

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  10. Yeah - and aside from a few tax irregularities, Capone was a good guy right?

    Isn't it simply the case that criminal activities usually involve generating sizable amounts of $$$... They don't do it for the sheer hell of it. :laughing: Crime bosses typically don't (or even can't) declare that income, and they sure as hell don't want to pay tax on it...
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  11. I wonder if Trump will now start calling Manafort a dog and liar etc etc as he has with others who tell the truth and co operate with the police?

    As Manafort was at the meeting with the Russians & Donald Jnr, it is certainly possible that he has a tale to tell.
    From the BBC:

    "Although the White House downplays his importance to the campaign, Mr Manafort had top perch in the Trump team for key months in 2016.

    For instance, he was in the June Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and Russian nationals that was originally billed as a chance to obtain damaging information Russia had on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He took cryptic notes about that meeting that he now might be willing to discuss.

    After his August conviction on financial and tax fraud charges in Virginia, the prospect of Mr Manafort's walking away from his legal headaches a free man had been eliminated. It appears that the reality of additional legal expenses and possibly more prison time finally pushed the long-time Washington lobbyist to make a deal. This is probably exactly what the special counsel team had hoped for.

    Now the president, who tweeted last month that Mr Manafort was a "brave man" who "refused to break and make up stories in order to get a deal", is left to wonder what comes next.

    Manafort was charged by Mr Mueller last October. At trial, he was accused of using 31 foreign bank accounts in three different countries to evade taxes on millions of dollars.

    Prosecutors presented evidence of Manafort's luxurious lifestyle, saying it was only possible because of his bank and tax fraud.

    Following last month's conviction, President Trump praised his former campaign chairman for refusing to "break" under legal pressure.

    He tweeted he felt "very badly" for Manafort and lauded him for declining to "make up stories" to get a deal."
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  12. i the wife asks, it's fake news.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Media asks Trump about hush money to Stormy Daniels.
    Trump says I know nothing. I paid nothing.

    Reality is Trumps lawyers admit Trump paid the money, from his own funds.

    Media asks about Trumps Innaugeration.
    Trump says “The overall audience was, I think, the biggest ever to watch an inauguration address, which was a great thing,”

    Reality is 720,000 according to Whitehouse officials. Trump claimed 1.5million. Obama had 1.8million.

    Media asks why make Tax cuts aimed to help the rich.
    Trump says "Tax reform is going to cost me a fortune — this thing, believe me, believe me, this is not good for me,” the president told a Missouri crowd on Nov. 29.

    Reality is the only piece of tax-related legislation that had passed in Congress at the time of Trump's statement — found that it would personally save the president $20 million. His family was estimated to save more than $1 billion based on his reported wealth and his 2005 tax return.

    Here is a link to dozens more...
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  15. Still a bed wetting cvnt. Anyone who looks up to this prick is seriously brainwashed.
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  16. And yet, he will still get voted in for a second term. go figure.

    On the positive side, it will give you an extra 4 years to moan about someone who isn't your president or even in your country so everyone's a winner C'est Magnifique non?
  17. I'm glad you are so confident Noobie.

    Trump is up 0.3 since last weeks 39.9. though so it could be the start of a trend?
  18. Unless Mueller is running in 2020, then like most polls, it's little more than white noise to entertain the whingers and angry people of the world bless em
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  19. Point made... Good work, both of you :D
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