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  1. Trump is a fat ignorant slob...who still wets the bed. :D
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  2. I had a call from him today duke, he says you are mistaken and the bed is wet only when he allows you to have a sleep over in the whitehouse, could you stop doing it, it scares the staff.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Whats the difference between the reporter touching the interns arm and her trying to physically remove the mike from his hand ?
  5. A pass to the white house :upyeah:
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  6. That CNN dude is a fucking muppet.
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  7. The intern was attempting to reclaim the mike in accordance with established WHPC protocol and at the direction of the POTUS. Contact was fleeting and incidental.

    Acosta was physically restraining the intern and was following the orders of the voices in his head. Contact was deliberate and force was intended.

    Would it have been better if the inexperienced intern had not reached for the mike? With the benefit of hindsight, yes.

    Would it have been even better had Acosta holstered his overweening ego and hubris, and allowed the intern to take the mike? Pfft. Who knows?
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  8. Its strange that one man is criticised for slightly touching a woman's hand/ arm by another who grabs women by the fanny... The same guy who is super rude everyday in conversation then complains others are not polite. Seems odd to me!
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  9. Is a fanny a fanny?

    Or is a fanny a bum?

    It's just so confusing, no wonder the world's going to shit *

    *world's going to shit facts established over the worlds largest poll, conducted and quantified by the Duke meister, aka Mr happy, aka we love him really
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  10. the worlds gone to shit, (uk, usa) because you where too blind or top dumb or too busy slagging off those that was pointing out yer destiny if you continued to take your short term needs as the only consideration when choosing your leaders.
    suck it up.
  11. Ah but my narrative totally owns your narrative cos of *reasons*.

    That told him!

    : o D
  12. If we'd only listened to the oatmeal savages ...

    Ah well, next time.
  13. I always take my advice from a nation that has hit the culinary par excellence of haggis and fried mars bar.
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  14. I like Forest Gump
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  15. But is a fanny a bum or a fanny?
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  16. hmm a bit of both. but a picture says a thousand words.
  17. ah so cute
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  18. He is, I think fin still has the same amount of teef
  19. nice and clean / straight