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Featured Tt 2024 - Italian Bike Night

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by darko, May 17, 2024.

  1. I'll look out for you, you'll stand out i think :D
  2. Lol......
  3. Ill have to put a name tag on saying "ComfySofa" ill be on an old rsv4 factory with a black swingarm... (that should stand out a mile!)
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  4. Good idea. I’ll be on the 899 with 1199 swinger & carbon wheels:upyeah:
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  5. I'll be on a white hyper 939, akra can, come and say hello
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  6. I wiil be on a 98 SPS in matching leathers (cos I got em cheap).
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  7. I will be on a sf sp2 in matching bra and panties,cos I'm cheap,and my neighbours are not around to judge :p
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  8. Italian Bike Night special from Smoky Sam :

    Smoked porchetta stuffed with wild garlic, served with pesto new potato salad.

    Tiramisu ice cream pots

    (plus the standard menu)

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  9. We’re on our way

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  10. Some impressive packing and loading skills on that 899!! Enjoy and stay safe.
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  11. :laughing::joy::joy:

    Not going to lie I never knew salad even existed on the IOM :laughing:
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  12. Ta.
    50 litre dry bag & SW Motech Blaze throw overs. Tested at reasonable speed Constable. Stable as a mollusc that’s been to the gym:upyeah:
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  13. Looking forward to ITV 4 at 9pm.
    No CL final in this house tonight.
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  14. Sounded good at the Creg too, (but I can't post a video file).
  15. Couple of bikes at Peel today.





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  16. Could be a fly in the ointment for me getting there tonight.

    First of the racing delays has been announced. Update at noon. Could be races on this evening.

    Rain forecast until mid afternoon then there's the inevitable period to dry out.

    If today gets cancelled or postponed then I'll be there tonight. If the racing is on, I'm afraid I'll be out in the hedgerows.
  17. Yep.. keeping an eye on the forecasts, think it might be challenging to run any racing today but we shall see
  18. Indeed.

    It doesn't just need to fine up, it needs to dry up and visibility to clear. Rain brings hill fog.

    We shall see as the afternoon goes along
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