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Featured Tt 2024 - Italian Bike Night

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by darko, May 17, 2024.

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  6. Thanks to everyone who made it down, it was a tough call with the race schedule and.. it was freezing cold!

    We all had a great night and look forward to seeing you all at the next one :upyeah:
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  7. So after two days in the recovery position,I have finally found the brain capacity too upload a piccy of our stag night out on the island......
    Although the damp conditions are playing havoc with my mullet......
    Hit and miss on the weather, but still loving the island !!

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  8. Fed up waiting for delay updates so went and threw some stones at the Calf of Man today. Good cafe there.:upyeah:




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  9. We got there about 5.30 (Port St Erin) and it was dead so we left...!
  10. It were quite good was the Italian bike night. Let us know @darko when the mgp Italian bike night is.

    You'll get all sorts coming at the grand prix. As long as it doesn't clash. Note the road closures, sunday contingencies road closure ends at about 5pm I think, which might be worth considering.
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  11. Will take a look at the MGP schedule and try to gamble on the best day, hopefully the weather will be better than the TT (its been pretty rubbish this year..) Lots of the classic bikes that were due to be there at the TT night didn't come down due to the weather / race schedule confusion etc.. the racing MV Augusta was sadly broken so he didn't make it either. The 1199RS wouldn't start either so sadly we couldn't get that running on the night (probably too cold :))

    All is all it was a decent turn out, once the racing was called off a lot of people arrived later on and we actually closed up just after 11pm. Smoky Sam's sold out of food around 10, and there was no coffee left by the end either. The guys from GAR / JENAR racing were late down for obvious reasons, so apologies if anyone wanted to ask about the RS660 Trofeo race bike. The little Aprilia will be racing at the Southern 100 and MGP again this year (once another new engine is fitted..)

    We can add more indoor space / tables for the next event, had we known it was going to be so cold we would have done that. Hopefully when its warner the outdoor seating will be ok.
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