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Featured Turtle Wax Graphene Paste Wax, Great Product

Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by Festa, May 15, 2024.

  1. So is the Pfizer graphene range!
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  3. Just to add, I used mine the other day for the first time and I’m really pleased with the results:upyeah:
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  4. We’re like a bunch of women comparing makeup tips. o_O
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  5. I ordered some of this after this recomendation, very impressed as easier to apply than the AG stuff had before.

    Yesterday was the real test, did a wash yesterday after having of Norfolks fly population making a bee line for my fairings. I use the muc-off spray as my cleaner of choice and between having the polish on and the muc-off most of the dead things just fell off without any scrubbing so I'm converted for sure

    So thanks for the pointer @Festa , appreciated
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  6. Does this show on the edges of the ppf?
    What I'm using at the moment is a nightmare to remove from the ppf edge.
  7. I ordered a pot too, it arrived and turned my 916 into a lovely sparkly thing...very good and highly recommended:upyeah:
  8. Markets quare
    "Does this show on the edges of the ppf?
    What I'm using at the moment is a nightmare to remove from the ppf edge."

    My pantah has the original stick on decals and the wax doesn't leave a white mark on the edges.....
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  9. ...and if anyone hasn't realised the size of the pot - it's huge!
  10. Can I use this on the forged wheels on the Pikes Peak?
  11. I've got oz wheels on the hypermotard EVO
    Protects and brings out the blind.
  12. I gonna buy some too...their share price is going up based on this thread!
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  13. They should give me commission for starting the conversation :)
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  14. Where did you buy it from please? I’m struggling to find any on the Emerald Isle :confused:.
  15. I bought it from here, Paul…


    I am in the North, so no probs. with Brexit, for me.
  16. My wheels are a sort of satin finish, so I’m not sure if this would be any good on them.
  17. Think it’s available on Amazon… I think that’s where I bought mine :thinkingface::upyeah:
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