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Featured Two Italian Steeds

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by cookster, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Had this beauty in for mot today so couldn't resist a few pics with my 996sps. What a lovely car Ferrari 355 gts manual.
    #1 cookster, Jul 27, 2020
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  2. My other bike's a Ferrari.;):upyeah:
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  3. You could have done some donoghts around your bike with that old car...
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  4. Did it pass?
  5. No comparison ...your bike every time for me mate..car does nothing for me despite its obvious value financially
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  6. Yes matey
  7. What a lovely pair, said the Bishop to the actress :D
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  8. Still love these, a manual 355 will always sit in my dream garage
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  9. You have to drop the engine from those for a service (major) ££££ o_O

    Or rather your local Ferrari centre does....
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  10. I seem to remember being told it’s something like 12 hours to change the plugs on some Ferrari’s. If that is true it makes the V4R engine services when used for track seem pretty cheap.
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  11. Ferrari’s are for rich people. End of story.
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  12. My mate was walking past ours a month or so ago. I asked how his Ferrari was (it’s grey :eek:). He told me he had bought another one just before C19 hit and had planned to sell the grey one. C19 has done for that for a while and he was moaning like a bastard about it.
    I could not stop laughing especially when he told me the new one was silver FFS:laughing::laughing::joy::joy:
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  13. Manuel..?

    Odd name for a Italian
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  14. Sorted :upyeah:
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  15. Two more.
    Came across this one parked up in the middle of nowhere when I was on holiday in Switzerland in 1994.
    K862 BOA, my first Ducati. Written off at TT 95 when I had a coming together with a ZZR1100, then raced (not by me), then I heard it was back on the road.
    Anyone seen it lately?

  16. Probably one of the last Ferrari’s I’d have. Personally think they look worse every year now and Lambos get better.
    “Bought a Ferrari with Lamborghini money in your pocket”
  17. Classy...:upyeah:
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