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1200 Enduro Tyre Choice

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by tim jones, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. While I waited for a Scorpion Trail 2 to be fitted to my front, I browsed manufacturers flyers and came across the Dunlop TrailSmart max which looked (on paper) to be a cracking tyre promising grip and miles. Has anyone tried these and what are your thoughts?
  2. The Dunlop Roadsmart they base those on are absolutely great tyres. I've got another set in the garage, ready for when my current ones wear out.
  3. On my 3rd set of the DUNLOP Trailsmarts...great tire...feels stable and rarely looses traction at WOT with great mileage to boot, rear ~9,000 miles...just.

    And ZERO punctures :upyeah:

    Oh 99% dry miles here in Arizona :D
  4. Did try the road 5, the road attack 3 and the trail attack 3 so far on the enduro. The trailsmart son a previous gsa. Of all I prefer the trail attack 3 and trailsmart. Nice solid feeling from the go from both. Road 5 nice flippers tire but only lasted 3500 km.