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Tyre Warmers?

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by kirks1989, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Evening all,

    what tyre warmers are people using for their Ducs? Any recommendations?

    it’s for a Hypermotard 950 SP

  2. If you are using road based tyres it's handy to have the adjustable temperature warmers. I use Diamond which are good value for money.
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  3. The 950 SP comes with Supercorsa’s are they road or track? I’ve had varying views on this.

    I’ve got a 950 SP and just purchased some Holroyd tyre warmers (fixed temp) which I’m going to test on my Pani for an upcoming Trackday. However I intend to try them on the Hyper.
  4. 25 minutes gas Mk 2... although thats for a 1098, i think a 950 might be slightly less..
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  5. I guess they will be a road version not the race tyres. My mate uses road tyres and was advised to heat them to 60 deg rather than 80.
  6. Good point. I’d forgot there were two types of SC, hyper SP is on the Road version. The Holroyds are fixed 80 deg, so not ideal but at £89 thought I’d give them a try.
  7. These, https://www.crescentmoto.uk/capit-crescent-smart-tyre-warmers.html, are made for Crescent by CapIt who are one of the best in Europe. I use these, https://www.thermaltechrace.com/en/products/pro-2/, because they are the only company that offer warmers big enough for the V4 200/60 profile rear tyre. What you are trying to do by using tyre warmers on a track day is to reduce the number of heat cycles to a minimum by keeping the tyre relatively hot. The more you pay, theoretically the better the tyre warmer but to be fair most of the ones sold by someone like Demon Tweekes will do the job for an average track dayer. Andy
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  8. Cheers Andy, really helpful :upyeah:
  9. Do you reckon tyre warmers make a difference on road tyres at a track day?

    Looking to start doing the odd trackday at knockhill on my hyper 950sp this summer. Currently got Rosso Corsa III's
    Would warmers make any difference?
  10. I also wondered about this having done a fair few track days without them. Thought I’d give them a go based on the heat cycle argument and also means you don’t spend the first few laps warming the tyres up.
  11. Gives you the confidence to go flat out from the off without wasting valuable track time warming tyres.
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  12. Got to agree with this, 2 laps per session warming your tyres up, 6 sessions in a day, that's 12 laps or 1 session warming your tyres up, plus the mind games of are they warm enough yet to push, just put the warmers on and enjoy yourself from lap 1.
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  13. What are the ones that catch fire?
  14. The ones left in a heap still plugged in?
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