Uk Bike With Euro Speedo

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  1. Hi, would be interested to know views on the following please...
    I've seen a 996 sps which is quoted as a UK bike from new, but has a KM speedo. Has anyone experienced this before; and this could be a UK bike, or can this definitely not happen, and therefore could be an import?
    Help appreciated.
  2. Had same on my 748R
    Speedo registered in mph but odometer counted in KM,s
    UK bike registered as FE (Forest and Fens) bike originally purchased in either Lincoln or Leicester.
    I believe a few of the 748 sps models had the same.
    Probably due to supply and demand at the time so some rarer models were diverted from Europe
  3. During the 90’s, from the 916 launch, some Ducati UK bikes were delivered to dealers with a kph/km speedo and the dealer was expected to swap it over with a mph/miles speedo during the pdi. Not all bikes had this done and I know probably 10 or 15 years ago, bikes were cropping up as an MoT failure as they still had the kph/km speedo fitted. It is possible the 996sps you have seen is kosher but I’d check the VIN with Ducati to be absolutely certain. Andy
  4. I also read on here (somewhere) that UK bikes (748/916/996/998) were supplied with temperature gauges that were in Fahrenheit not Centigrade; thus they'd go to 250F not 180C and if it was in C then it was an import.

    As it was stated on here by someone with much more knowledge than me it must be true :p
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  5. Some UK models in the late 90’s were supplied with temperature gauges in Fahrenheit, I have a spare gauge to prove it. Andy
  6. That’s what I meant Andy, somewhere on here I read if it’s in F it’s UK if it’s C it’s EU and been imported. I’m guessing USA bikes would also be in F.
  7. My 916sps was delivered with a kph clock and a mph one in a box the dealer swopped them over, I still have the kph one with 2km on it
  8. My memory of the nineties (a faded & addled memory) was that there wasn't a single UK ducati importer and some of the bikes sourced and sold in the UK were pretty much fresh from Italy as a euro spec bike to be fettled (as deemed appropriate) by the importer/selling dealer. I had a new 900 Superlight that was I think originally imported new by 3Cross and it had its KPH speedo swapped at point of UK sale to an MPH one, seems a few probably slipped through un modded probably due to cost /availability of new UK speedo or the selling dealer/importer at the time couldn't be @rsed. :) . .