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Uk Drink Driving Limit

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by LiveFast......, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. I have not long returned from my regular Wednesday pub meal and drinks with friends (I think they are friends, they insult me, I insult them and we have been doing the same thing for years so I think that counts ;))

    Last week I acquired a breathalyser, and on return from same pub I tested myself. I’m not a big drinker - 2 pints of Guinness over a couple of hours and a meal and I feel it.

    I tested at 0.04mg/L.

    The UK drink driving limit is 0.35mg/L - so I was well under the limit.

    Tonight I left work late and hungry so went straight to the pub early - 3 hours in the pub meant 3 pints rather than 2. On my return I again tested myself. 0.09mg/L.

    Based on this I believe that I could be completely shit-faced and still potentially under the drink driving limit.

    I know everyone is different, has different alcohol tolerance, drinking habits, etc. But I’m pretty stunned that I could in theory be in a state that I simply wouldn’t consider driving in and still be under the limit.

    I’m not sure of the point of this post other than to share how surprised I am at these results.
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  2. Well I would take that as a challenge. Next time have 4 pints and a double whisky chaser with each one. Maybe an Irish coffee to top the job. And the obligatory bottle of red with the meal. If that doesn't improve your score on the breath tester, take it back. Maybe after a couple of days when you're feeling a bit better :laughing::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:
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  3. Id say the bit of kit you bought is shoite and more importantly unreliable!

    the contributions to alcohol in your body and ultimately a reading is vast and wide and not just how much alcohol you have ingested. Also as our bodies are different the rate the body consumes it into the system is done at a different pace my point being when a sample is taken you could be on your way up or on your way down....
    Some would say this up or down is relative to when arrested what speed you are taken to the specific evidential device....
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  4. Did your device come with a calibration certificate? If not, who knows how accurate it is...
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  5. It just so happens I have a planned Saturday night blowout on 1st Feb - said device will be used for scientific purposes during the course of the evening! :grinning: :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::party::party::dizzy::dizzy::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::tired_face::tired_face::weary_face::weary_face:
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  6. the limit is lower here but even on the old limit I never felt right enough after a pint to drive. so I never do. I dont see the point in drinking full stop unless yer planning on having a few.
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  7. :joy: There won’t be any driving that night I assure you - staying at a friend’s in town! Usually involves a long walk home and a kebab! Experiment will continue the following morning - how long for ridiculous volumes of alcohol to leave broken body!

    Seriously, as a disclaimer I don’t advocate drink driving - I just think these results show how potentially dangerous our current system is. Someone who is more tolerant to alcohol that me could have a very high breath alcohol content and feel perfectly sober.

    But I know, (and plan on finding out for sure) that at 0.35 I would probably be rat arsed, so in that case there’s a serious flaw here!

    As for the car - the new Audi A6 Avant - just the sensible diesel - nothing quick! :innocent:
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  8. I know a few that have been done the morning after the night before. I almost did when a copper followed us in to work on a Friday morning. three of us drove in to the works car park at the same time followed by the police. I scarpered when they went to the last car first. he lost his license.
  9. It's broken
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  10. About 10 yrs ago, my ex father in law(now deceased) had a bit of a bevvy problem going on.
    He was on all sorts of meds at the time too, and just wouldn't admit to himself or anyone else that he had a problem,
    even after he put his car in a field on the way home from the golf club.

    I decided to try and show him how far over the limit he was getting on a normal day by borrowing a breathalyser from
    a traffic cop mate and playing a little "blow in the machine" game over the family Xmas gathering. This was an absolute
    failure as he blew clear all day while the rest of us were over limit quite early on. He saw this as an endorsement
    that he had it all under control. To this day I don't really understand how he could put so much booze away that day and
    still be legal to drive. Calibrated machine or not, it would tend to indicate that physiology and metabolism may have quite
    a lot to do with it. Maybe his meds too?

    As a juxtapose to this, I have a couple of mates who are brothers and have brit/chinese parents. Both of them appear absolutely
    bolloxed on a pint of Fosters, slurring words and bright red in the face. It lasts about 30 mins then they are back to normal.
    I've often wondered what the findings would be if either of them had the one pint and were then pulled over.
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  11. My thoughts.....

    Anyone that buys their own device to check their alcohol level before driving knows that they might have a problem.

    There's me saying that, when I used to sink a bottle of red or white every night......but I wouldn't drive until at least three days after stopping.

    My risk now are the inhalers I have to use......I expect they can throw up funny readings.
  12. Drinking can be a fun pastime. Driving is far superior.
  13. We did the same one night last year with a genuine police issue breathalyser (you can buy them) and we use them for our auto events.

    I drank exactly what my mate drank that evening as we did rounds and drink the same crap and he was three times over the drink drive limits. I was just under haha!!

    just for the record in case someone gets offended or develops Sandy vagina. This was a test for a laugh in the back of our designated drivers car who wasn’t drinking.
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  14. Isn't it a better idea to test yourself before you go home?
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  15. Many moons ago, I had access to the full size accurate police machines inside custody suites, as opposed to the handhelds.
    I used to test myself if ever I’d had a pint (or possibly two as I used to) after work just to make sure.

    The thing that I learnt is that even if I’d drunk the same drink it always came back with a different result.

    It is so dependent upon time since the last drink, when you last eat, last sleep etc, in short your metabolic cycle has a lot to do with it.
    Hence now if I do have a drink, its only a low strength pint so I don’t even get anywhere near the limit.

    I like riding bikes too much
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  16. :thinkingface:
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  17. I used to date a girl who was 1/2 Chinese and she was exactly the same.

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