1199 Up Map With Std Cans

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  1. Can I use an up map with std cans?

    Would this smooth throttle at lower revs?

    If not has anyone got another idea how to stop surging at lower speeds? I don't mind ecu reflash but needs to be somewhere in north east.
  3. Do you have a budget in mind?
    Are you wanting a Dyno session?
    Dynobike.co.uk could be worth a call for advice on prices dependent on what you require. They have a great reputation but are booked up until end of August. They are 20 miles from York.
  4. No, you can't use the upmap with the standard cans, the fuel mix is totally wrong. To stop the bike surging you will need to get it professionally mapped by CJS/Moto Rapido.

    One of the reasons it's 'hunts' or 'surges' in 30mph zones etc is because at very small throttle openings the bike is trying to lean itself off as much as it can for emissions, and it does this using the O2 sensors etc. On my 899 it was still average even with the Termi's and the UpMap but much better than the 848 was.

    On my 848 I had a full map done which disabled the O2 sensors and provided 'static' fuelling maps and this made it a heap better! the other thing you could try doing is to put a bigger sprocket on the back to allow you to ride in 30's at a slightly higher RPM or use a gear higher, this might be the most cost effective solution.
  5. I phone dynobike last yesr about a remap and he said he could do it but would take all day as he hadn't done a panigale at the time

    Them rapid bike modules are meant to work good and are not overly expensive and can be removed
  6. I had a remap done at MotoRapido when I bought the Termis on my old 1199... cost £300 and would thoroughly recommend this... :upyeah:
  7. CJS or MotoRapido are probably better experienced for Ducatis. However PCRR asked for a solution in the North East region.
  8. I tried Moto Rapido as thought you could post ECU but that service has stopped. I have recently fitted a 41T rear sprocket but its still not the best. I will disconnect exhaust servo again soon as I have a track day coming up so reconnected to try and make bike a quiet as possible. Thanks for the idea's. As L Twin lover says anything in North East would be great or somewhere I can send my ECU??