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1199 Up Or Down

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by johnnyrotten13, Jan 16, 2022.

  1. Sell and buy couple of gold bullions...easier to store, no insurance required also won't be affected by changes that are to come in 10-20 years.
  2. I spent most of my money on bikes, some on chasing women and quite a bit on drinking but all the rest Ive wasted.
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  3. A paraphrase of George Best. Brilliant quote.

    If you’re telling the truth, good on yer. If you’re bending the truth, keep trying. Sounds like a good ethos and life!:joy::motorcycleduc::p
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  4. The excitement of winning 3 x £25 or whatever every month has waned. Safe yes, but unless you get a big one i don’t see the returns being close to what you get in the market and certainly far less fun than spunking it on bikes.
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  5. Thanks for the replies all I am now considering selling her,what could I expect to get? Like I said she's showroom all books carbon fibre everything over 2000 spent on carbon bits alone, I know I'll make a loss and have all original parts that have been replaced.
  6. So I put my bike on Facebook market place,wish I hadn't that place is full of idiots and dreamers lol
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  7. Sold my S1000RR on FB, bloke paid in full, and then the nob wouldn't pick it up for a month. I'd have kept riding it, if the tyres weren't fecked.
  8. The probability of any one of you bonds winning remains the same, regardless of how many you have. So does the probability of them not winning anything at all -ever.

    Here is an interesting calculator for Premium Bonds gains

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  9. So I put my bike on facebook for 14500 an absolute bargain for condition milage and extras which include
    DP comfort seat
    DP taller screen
    DP swingarm guard
    DP tail tidy
    DP air conveyers
    DP key guard
    DP clutch cover
    DP heel guards
    DP shock guard
    DP hugger
    DP sprocket cover
    DP alternator cover
    DP small indicators
    Matching none DP carbon Inc
    Rear cylinder covers
    L/R electis housings
    Battery cover
    Abs cover
    Seat inserts
    Rear brake reservoir
    Rear brake line cover
    Bum stop
    Upper chain guard
    One man begged me to sell for 13000 I reluctantly agreed and he's now ignoring hahaha like I said dreamers and idiots on Facebook lol
  10. Was this a low mileage Multi PP? If I beg you to sell for £12k what would the answer be?

    Not think you get the same twats/low balling dealers on autotrader?
  11. 527 miles, and it looks like a tarts handbag?
  12. You get them everywhere. Even on here.
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