V4 Ups And Downs On The First Day Of The V4

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  1. Tl;dr the steering feel wow, the sidestand what the f....

    Quick thoughts on the new V4 fron a non Ducatiist.
    Picked up my new V4 Base today and have riden about 90 miles so far.
    Weather was dry and temperatures around 14 degrees.

    First part of journey was through Glasgows rush hour and not being too familiar with the controls I did not want to filter. Well I can honestly say char broiled is an apt description :)
    Once I got going onto the A roads the bike became transformed, what a feeling it has. The cliche of it is on rails does not do it justice, it is more like it is part of you; simply astonishing. Think I need to soften the suspension a little but I have to say this is the best feeling bike I have ever been on. Now I understand all the gushing comments.

    Obviously still running in so no high rpm stuff yet and the bike does feel quite lazy compared to my previous R1’s and R6 but at the same stage deciptably fast.

    Stopped for fuel and took a full 4 minutes to get the side stand down. Tried every thing; heel, toe entry (ended up with cramp kicking in) must have looked a total pillock.

    Got there eventually though and after fuel on I went.

    Got home, tired with sore joints and happy as a lark but dreading the sidestand pantomine.
    No better this time, then I rembered a post about a guy who said he just leaned over and used his hands. Nearly got there before horrendous cramp kicked in to my shoulder and incapacitated me for a full 5 minutes still sitting on the bike.

    Neighbours going, huh look at him posing on his new bike.

    Anyway back home and can honestly say it is a sensational bike and I think I am really going to enjoy. Whether I master the sidestand is a different matter though as it like solving a Rubik’s cube with astronauts gloves on :)

    For those that have not yet had a test ride, be careful cause you are gonna want one.

    Will post pictures later (with bins) :)
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  2. You have to bend down and do the sidestand with your hand and nearly fall over every 3rd time. Stand Ducati feature. Has the dash cracked yet?
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  3. Or do this like on my Bayliss...

    IMG_4273.JPG IMG_4274.JPG
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  4. Congrats on the new bike. You'll want one of these:


    I've found to kick it down from the back with your toe works best, and back up from the bobbin, with you heel.
    I had a terrible time wth the 899 and race boots, literally had to reach down too. This one isn't as bad IMO.

    I can't wait for the run in to be over and as it would appear, the fireball recall. Then the V4 comes alive.
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  5. Congrats on your new bike!

    I’d be surprised if they’ve managed to make it more awkward on the V4, it took me a week or so to get used it on my Pani.

    After 90 miles! That’s why Ducati sportsbikes all have such low mileage :p
  6. TBF the aches and pains were primarily because I myself am of the older variety coupled with just not having been on a bike for 8 months.

    I actually felt the bike itself was very good compared to the 2016 R1 and I am not concerned in that respect.
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  7. Thanks for link gonna have a serious look at that along with all the other suggestions on technique.

    Gonna just have to go and practice, fine excuse for going out more (not that I will need one).

    My recall work was done yesterday prior to pickup.
  8. That's fortunate. I took mine last weekend, so reckon I'll get the running in miles done, then have it checked all at once. Hopefully pre fireball.

    For 15 quid it's a nice and easy mod. You can have it red, black or silver and Sven is very cool to deal with. He runs a couple of nice Panigale V4 instagram accounts too.
  9. It's supposed to be.a pin on the side stand already.
    I found kicking the side stand impossible without it and noticed this at the bike show. Luckily someone else told me the production bike comes with a pin.
    And it does, did ur dealer not install it?
  10. Its all part of Ducati life, just like the flaking engine paint. I wonder if they will need Exact cables @Exige
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  11. Yes it did, it's an ugly bolt. This Desmoworld one is a tiny bit longer, looks nicer, and is much lighter and therefore makes the bike go faster. :thinkingface: #becausephysics
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  12. Funny you mention that, as my exhaust tip (which is black) if flaking paint after 1 ride. Granted it's right underneath within the heatshield, but I noticed it when I was fitting the side stand bolt. Didn't know about the engine paint problem, BMW have that problem too though
  13. Some 4 cylinder MV's do in time :thinkingface:
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  15. Just a quick update.
    After a practice session in the garage with boots on I can now say I have cracked it.


    Found best approach was just to catch tip of sidestand base with the heel of my boot. Now that I know roughly where it is located, a little glance and I am bossing it.

    It is the simple things that make your day somtimes.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Should also say the title should have been “ups and downs on the first day” as the original title is a bit unfair especially as I am as happy as a pig in the proverbial.

    Thanks all - really appreciated.
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  16. Wow, look at thier feedback, one guy had 133 euro FedEx charges for a 65 euro screen - many disgruntled customers :eek:
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  17. I think the feedback is probably why he won't post to the U.K. anymore.

    The other way badger is to move your foot back a little bit more so your foot comes in at the end of the sidestand and just underneath it
  18. Had my V4 delivered just over a week ago. Have done about 370 miles. Loving it so far. Side stand a pain but seem to have mastered it. At least they don’t flip up by themselves anymore. That was comedy gold on the 916.
  19. I just took the original threaded pin out of the side stand and fitted a slightly longer allen bolt as previous post. found if I left the original in you can tend to rub your boot on the lower fairing.
    my bike has a tendency to hit a false neutral atleast once every time I go out on it and the revs fly up even though I'm holding it at 6k ( annoying)
    in for its 1st service next weekend at onyer bike Aylesbury,