Use Your Internet, It's Going To Change

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  1. At the moment every key stroke you make is monitored and recorded. And every app you use has T and C's that provide sharing your every key stroke information with your government security agencies. (That's why no one ever needs to apply for wire taps any more). So is this new legislation designed to stop you making those key strokes in the first place.
  2. It wont. But there'll be a few more cracks.
  3. It’s all very well implementing a law but any app or website can just create a new clause in their user agreement that we will all click ‘agree’ on without reading as usual.
  4. No more online porn
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  5. GDPR sorts that out. They have to be explicit. But.... no accept, no use. Price for ‘free’ is your data.
  6. The days of you agree to our terms and conditions as one tick appear to be going, now they must list a number of key points and you must have agreed to all of them

    Yep as most do until something hits the fan then they becry the company didn't tell them, that's why so many company agreements have small print, they know most people never read it
  7. Exactly. And if you don’t agree, you don’t get access.

    It’s a PITA already. I use a VPN so it never saves cookies and doesn’t allow tracking...makes my internet experience a tad more frustrating...
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  8. Where did I say another’s 11 years? I referred to 29 March.

    You don’t need to be on anything else. I think you’re on something now.
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  9. On the plus side, there could be a huge opportunity for servers and server business's to open up in the U.K. devoid of eu law restricting how individuals use the internet?

    To be beneficial, the server farms need a lot of cold, fin, your teams up.
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  10. So, to be clear, you DONT want companies to ask permission to to use and share your data? And you’re happy that anyone, govt especially, can then legitimately hack into anything, and everything, without fear iof repercussions?
  11. Companies already do ask, I just happen to read their complete terms and services. If I don't like them, I don't use them, it's called choice.

    As to governments, did you read the decision yesterday of gchq/British government by the echr? i'll summise it

    The Court found that sharing intelligence information gathered from bulk surveillance—as GCHQ does with the NSA and other members of the "Five Eyes" intelligence and security alliance—does not violate the human rights charter. But the judges did warn that using such intelligence sharing to bypass restrictions on surveillance of a member state's own citizens would be a violation of the charter.

    It says it would be a violation of the charter, not they have broken any law, nor that they should stop, it also said the Court found that the operation of a bulk interception regime did not in and of itself violate the Convention.

    knowing all that, I accept my data is being hoovered and I use the internet willingly so as do most and those who do not like it, still use the internet anyway and some will give up on it and smartphones anyway

    some of the moaners act like they are james bond and have super secret files that can bring down the world and every government agency is after them but they also act like they are sticking their hand in the fire then shout at the fire when they get burnt, if a company on the internet tell you something is for free, then more fool you for believing that.
  12. So, nothing to hide then nothing to worry about.

    Got it.

    I prefer my privacy
  13. Then don't use the internet or smartphones because that is the only way ANYONE who hosts you a service electrically, will know what you are upto

    Just interested bradders, do you use a proxy such as Tor or a vpn etc?
  14. So you are happy for everyone to lose their privacy then.

    Btw the are very strict rules around IP controls and data that is owned and stored.
  15. Just interested bradders, do you use a proxy such as Tor or a vpn etc?
  16. Yes. Means I can watch what I like, not what my ip says I can... also that I can watch British tv when on hols
  17. Most forums, and this one is pretty laid back, have in the terms something like this

    You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the Service. You retain copyright over the Content.

    These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

    If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.

    Most terms and conditions work on the same lines, by signing up with us, we can do with your information more or less what we want, now I know you are going to come back with companies say with us and a our group but the dna thread we had a few months ago just means big pharma/companies/financial pay a "partnership or association fee" so they are technically part of that company so are entitled to access to it.

    I think one of the examples we used was glaxosmithkline had a 4 year contract/partnership with that they could have all access to all information and dna results. I believe if I recall correctly that any dna samples you send to such companies have within their terms, once you send your dna to them, they can do with it whatever they want.

    This is one part of their terms of service
    • That by providing a DNA sample or Additional User Information to us, you acquire no rights in any research or commercial products developed by us or our collaborators and will receive no compensation related to any such research or product development;
    • You also agree that we may directly or through other companies who help us provide the DNA Services:
      • Provide your saliva sample and DNA to other companies that help us provide the Services, such as laboratories;
      • Extract your DNA from your saliva
      • Allow certain of our laboratory partners to use a portion of activated or unactivated saliva samples to calibrate or validate instruments, equipment, or laboratory methods used in providing DNA Services;

    Now most people never read terms and conditions but just click okay at the end. I know the internet was created to help people but also to the benefit of governments and business, I consider that a fair trade off. What others do is upto them .

    This is one of the trade off of the pandora's box of the internet

    If a government wants your information, you'd tell them to feck off
    If a social media wants your information, you give it all to them
    governments support rapid growth of social media companies as a scratch my back I scratch yours

    If you use the internet in any shape or form, for most uses, you must accept it will probably go to places you would never allow it too.
  18. Nice dodge of th point. As usual. This is about erosion of personal freedoms, which nowadays includes the internet, not acceptance of service.

    Never use a forum. Don’t use Facebook. Social media - pah.

    But want to book a flight? Ar we’ll use all that data to track what you are booking. We’ll add you to a list. Create a profile. Nothing to do with selling you anything and more to do with tracking your movements and monitoring you.

    GPS in your car sir? We’ll have that too. Connected car/ wahoo, jackpot!

    And, again btw, service terms are being challenged by the courts. Terms have to be reasonable: using Facebook should NOT give them auto rights to track your location services, which it’s not open and you ave chosen not tracking. Same with google.
  19. No dodge of the point at all

    Rubbish, this is about using services for nothing in exchange for information, the interweb was always about information share. The interweb was created for us to use, your niaveness that those in power would never use it for their own purposes explains your confusion

    Knowing they do that, your credit card company, bank transactions, I bet you still do it?

    So what they will do is have a new terms and condition bit at the bottom, listing everything the court asks you to be told of, you will have to tick every box or they will have one box covers all, and just like most places it will also have, if you do not like these terms and conditions, please do not register for this service.

    What do you think will happen with that choice?