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V2 V2

Discussion in '899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4 Panigale' started by LOCKE, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Anyone else looking at getting one of these? When are they available for test rides? Anyone came from a litre bike to a 959? Thoughts?
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  2. Nice. I would like a test ride before committing.
  3. Yeah I'm down for one of the first bunch of 6 my local place is getting. Been told end of March, but they'll have a demo in for January.
    But doubt I'll even take it out in the Jan weather.
    Look at the bike, I loved my 899 and this promises to be even better, all for 15k?
    I can't wait.
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  4. Looks stunning. I think it will sell really well.
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  5. I'm going to talk to my dealer today. I had the 959 and it was fantastic. It's the one bike I now regret selling.

    I need another sportsbike back in my life
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  6. I have a deposit down with Ducati Abingdon. It’s my first Ducati so hoping to get a test ride middle of this month. I’ve been told to expect delivery in January. Trading in my speed triple RS
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  7. ........ January? : unamused:
  8. Ordered mine today :)
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  9. That’s what they said, to be honest I’m not fussed if it’s March as I dont ride over winter and I will get the new plate

    anyway if it’s not as good as the new s1000rr from the test ride, I will cancel and get that instead
  10. It’ll be a good little bike :)
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  11. Fair one, two very different bikes though.
  12. And yeah I've been told March on the new plate for me, also had a phone call from Ducati Manchester saying I won't get the new fairings till end of March either as they haven't been released from the old Fac-tor-ay yet.
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  13. Latest copy of Bike Magazine is raving about the V2 (and I’m paraphrasing here) saying that it’s the perfect road & track bike for most riders.
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  14. I wouldn’t say they are different at all. They are both sport bikes, yes the s1k has more power but I expect them to be similar on public roads. The new s1k feels like a 600, very light and nimble but it just doesn’t have that character that I need hence why moving to the duke.
  15. To be fair having come from a 180 odd horsepower Jap bike to my 959 I’ve never felt more at home! I’ve never felt it’s been underpowered. Yeah I’ve invested some big money making it a fly weight and tweaking suspension and ergonomics to suit, but it’s totally unique and setup for my riding style. It can still be challenging at times but that’s what makes it characterful and involving to ride:bucktooth: very nearly got myself into a V4 at the weekend but bailed out at the last minute..... Reason being, I seriously don’t need 200hp;)... Bragging rights and lazy power:innocent: The new 959 will be a perfect blend of usable power with the looks of the V4.

    I think it looks stunning, and it will make a very fast agile accomplished road/track bike.... I’ve never wanted more:punch:

    The only thing I would say with the new version 2 at some point it will have Öhlins and perhaps better callipers, might be a Corse edition and then hopefully a full fat R version to end the V2 engine before it goes V4! Possibly :cool:
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  16. Be a nice bike I reckon, my Daytona 675 was possibly the most fun bike ive ever ridden on the road and it it’s gonna fall in to that character weight wise but better then it will be a great complete package I expect.
    Look forward to a go on one at some point
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  17. The S1000rr is more akin to the V4. I took one for a long test earlier this year back to back with my (then V4s).
    The V2 will have a very different power delivery to the BM and I very much doubt will be as easy to ride as the BMW.
    I chose not to order the BMW after much soul searching (it’s a brilliant bike) as it really does lack any character. In town you could be riding anything. The same cannot be said for the Ducati. You pays yer money and makes yer choice.
    Say hi to Pete at Blade.
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  18. Bmw sounds fucking awesome though on the quickshifter
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  19. Mine is due end of March/early April :)
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